Scalebound main character as DLC?

Since Scalebound has been CANCELLED, maybe the main character for Scalebound can be added as DLC!?


What? That would be a dumb move. Guest characters are meant to be a good marketing tool, attracting both audiences into each game.

Who would be attracted to play a guest without game? Wouldn’t be easier to create a brand new character?


Dumb move? Come on. We have Rash from Rareware. Arbiter from Halo. General Raam from Gears of War. And you got fans begging for Joanna Dark!

A brand new character inspired by that cancelled game?

From battletoads

All of them have a franchise. Rash is the only one without an actual game, but a re launch of his former game in Rare Replay. Arbiter and Raam are part of alive franchises. Gears and Halo players have tried KI because of them. KI has grown because of them

Would Drew(or whatever his name is) attract more people? He has no original game to be loyal to his former self: This would be his first videogame

Hence, he is not a guest, it’s a new character. So why should they consider him instead a different one?


-clears throat-

No more guest characters.

That is all.


Well he wouldn’t exactly be a guest without his own game. If MS owns the rights to him and not platinum they could make him a new KI character instead of a guest. Granted it’d still be a pretty pointless move since i doubt anyone would care about him enough.

He’s not KI original property either… he was created for a whole other franchise. So, yes, guest.

Yes but because he hasn’t debuted he could be repurposed into an original ki character. They’re free to change his story, his origin, etc to fit the KI universe, something they can’t really do with true guests.


Naaah! didn’t care for the protagonist, sure as heck wouldn’t want to have him here in KI.

I doubt MS would wanna promote a game they cancelled. He’ll be even more useless than the guests are and they at least had some uses for attracting new players.

Plus making him an original would be bad to, they’d have change up an ENTIRE LORE Just to do that and I say heck no to that to.

He’s dead jim. Best to leave it that way.

Im with @anon39655210 on this one

But then it wouldn’t be the same character, but rather one who is inspired on the same concept. Still would not be an original KI character though. :wink:

Why would people want a character we don’t (and we’ll probably never) get to know?

yep especially since that guy was someone I didn’t even care for. I honestly would of put some interest in the game if we got to actually be the dragon, lol.

Obvious troll is obvious

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I hope so OP. As someone who likes Drew’s design, I think he would fit in KI’s aesthetic. It would suck if he was added without Kamiya’s approval but as far as I know the character belongs to Microsoft.

It would be interesting to see Thuban fight alongside Drew, making him essentially a puppet character like Carl Clover in BB. The only problem is Thuban would take up half the screen. It’s also be cool to see Drew’s instinct mode take the form of his Dragon armor.

He could also be the first KI character with a bow and arrow. Really, all the potential comes from Scalebound gameplay we have not and probably will not see for a long time. It’s up to MS and IG to interact with Platinum Games and come up with a functional moveset.

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We barely even know the current characters background story ark.

I am dead serious. No trolling here. I just wanted to hear y’all thoughts.

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I think those of us who have paid attention the lore and novella leading up to it we do. Infact if you know where to look on this site you’ll find bios of the KI characters around here on this vary site. So that’s not a good counter.

I think drake would be a big waste of a slot. I’d rather Joanna Dark than him, I’d rather a shadow SPINAL than him. Over that guy.

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Shadow Spinal? That is a new thought.

That’s sarcasm, meaning I’d happily take another shadow or guest character over some dude I never cared about. Funny thing is I was strongly against Joanna Dark due to experiences with Stryker and Dante from their afformentioned fighting games. I’d happily pick her over that dude I don’t know nore care about.