Save my hard drive space!

Ok so if I am not mistaken, KI records your matches, are these recordings stored on the HDD or on a cloud or server? If they are stored on the HDD can we get an option to turn the recordings off or get a setting to just save the last 5 or 3 rounds? I dont need 75 recordings of previous matches on my HDD that I have no intention of watching. If I wanna save the match I’ll use the game dvr.

Well, just last night I got an error message saying I needed to be signed into Xbox Live to view the matches, so I’m guessing it’s online. It was odd though, because I never went offline - must’ve been a glitch or something. I’ll have to go back and see if it’s working again.

It doesn’t record your matches, it records inputs and then recreates them, even having hundreds of replays wouldn’t take up any noticeable space.

sure about that? You can go and replay matches so they have to be saved somewhere.

Are the matches saved? Yes.
Is it saved as the visual output resulting in eating of tons of space? No.
The inputs/commands are saved and replayed in the engine. These files are incredibly small and are not having a noticeable impact on your hard-drive space.

This isn’t new or untested technology either. All of the Quake engines, Source, and other engines all record demos this way.

I guess… sounds like u know what ur talking about. I just wanted to make sure I don’t have a 100 matches saved to hdd eating up my HDD space.