Sane Mira - Reworked

Mira Reworked
Mira, is cared for by vampirism during the events of KI and return a fallegeros.
her power has been converted into wild power, and she can control swarm of small birds and insect as she did with her blood.


Nice artwork.

As much as I love your artwork… please, no more remix characters. D:
Also, her blood magic is what makes her awesome, imo. Taking that away is taking away the thing that makes her interesting. Rather have a whole new character who can command vermin…


IG, never does what I ask, I thought it would propose new remixes, is the best solution for not having XD

A bit too much gold and yellow for me but it’s still cool nonetheless. Now what would be cool is if instead of making remixes of characters why not make retro costumes for the remixes we do have that lack them.

Bruh. Not all ideas are good.

Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Perfect! :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses:

Seeing as this is artwork. I believe this belongs in the artwork and videos section.

This looks great,

Awesome Art Skillz