Samurai Shodown 2019

Momochi and Chocoblanka matches

Just 4? I have to pray that Kazuki gets in then.

I’m expecting a boss character to be in there as well. Not sure who though.


Solid, but I think I like the KOF XIV theme more.

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If Ukyo is in then I expect Kazuki to be dlc.

I meant Sogetsu of course.

In other news: OMG!

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Just WOW. Music is LIT.

This guide is really well done…


Thanks for update. I just wonder were Genan Shiranui is? Seems weird they’d keep the whole classic roster but him. Am confident that Amakusa will probably show up again at some point!

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And Wan-fu! Don’t want to forget him!

Awesome stuff

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Cool effects on her Heavy. I like how you can see the sawing in the paint.

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Music is really cool in these trailers imo… I hope it continues that way.

Also the pre-order has been up for a while on the Japanese playstation store. I don’t see it yet on the US XB or PS stores though…

My Lord…that faint when he throws the :apple:.

I like how one of her supers is a giant drill.

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Mechanics and controls

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They kept his Fire Slash. God help us…

Me waiting in line at Yodobashi Akihabara to play new SamSho for the first time.


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Played a few rounds of the new SamSho as I got to try a demo version at an SNK event a few days ago. I solely played Charlotte, my favorite character next to Genjuro. My initial impressions below…

Initially, I was concerned that playing exclusively combo heavy fighting games for the past decade would make me not appreciate this type of game as much. However, I found this game to be easier to get into than, for example, switching to DBZ, GG or KOF13 after having strictly played SF4/KI for almost a decade… not sure why I felt this way but that is how experienced it.

The pace is super slow but not boring as I felt a constant pressure (and excitement) to not get hit and to time my defense well through a combination of counter pokes, parrying, dodging and disarming. Never did I feel that I needed to dash in / run/ jump-in all the time to speed things up. This gives dashing in (your character runs when double tapping :arrow_right: ) a greater sense of pressure.

SNK captured the stand-off (1 v 1 samurai battle) really well. The mind games lead to an interesting ■■■-for-tat where each strike matters and attempts to strike need to be efficient as you generally only can land one or two strikes at a time (there are limited options to combo into stuff).

I was able to try out all of the currently known mechanics and did not find any of them annoying or having the potential to be abused. Of course, it is too early to tell if these mechanics will be enough to keep combat fresh or if they will be abused once ppl will learn more but so far every mechanic provides a reasonable answer to your opponent and each fits within the flow of combat… I lost 90% of my health bar at one time, and I felt I deserved to be punished because I knew what was coming but made a bad choice. But each character has access to high damage moves so you can always turn the tide…adds to that constant pressure.

Samurai Showdown is also a very simple game from an offense point of view as more offensive options become available after making an initial defensive move such as dodging, just guard, etc. (@BigBadAndy maybe i should/will elaborate in the other ongoing thread on this topic of fg complexity…).

It has been over 15 years that I last played a samurai showdown game but I fully enjoyed the change of pace, mechanics and strategy. Once I understood the mechanics, it became quite pleasant to watch others play. Definitely feels like watching a chess match versus the more faster games that rely on supers and combos. Cannot wait to play more…

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Looks cool. I’m getting strong Psylocke vibes for all our Psylocke fans… (@BblackorchidD)

I used to love the old ones, and it’s exciting that the series is coming back. Hoping to get to try out a demo or something, as I’ve had less time to play video games than I used to.