Samurai Shodown 2019


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I’m so happy this is coming on the xbox one as well it makes so happy that SNK is give Microsoft some love of there modern games.


If they had released KoF on Xbox I would have bought it. Maybe they have learned this lesson.

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I know but its all because they made a stupid contract deal with Sony.

whaaaat, PC release towards the end of the year?? noooooooo

Gameplay looks insanely good, all about having a methodical and strategic approach and not relying on your 20+ hit combo. Really want to see some high tier gameplay


I am still salivating over that beat from the latest trailer.

Oh Genjuro, I’ve missed you…

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New character below…
Also, a link to a vid of the awesome music from the 3rd teaser / trailer. Have to make it my ringtone :smile:

And a new character has been revealed. Hopefully we get better images soon:

Confirmed mechanics so far:

Just defense
Stance break
Guard break
Blade catch
Weapon flipping
Rage explosion
Lightning blade
Super special move
Surprise attack
Mobile wake up

Panel at Pax ended and there was interesting news (besides the new character)…
The game will have implement Deep Learning / AI to learn from human players’ tactics and allow for the creation of “ghosts” very similar to KI’s Shadows and Shadow Lab.

Initial roster of 16 characters and future additions through dlc.

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Another pirate girl besides Love Heart, huh? Her design doesn’t really scream PIRATE like I feel it should. Looks more like an African Warrior if you ask me.

I just hope that the Kazuki DLC gets put in relatively soon lol

Also, I remember reading an article about the whole “Ghost AI” thing. Missed opportunity to call it “Samurai Spirits”

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The clothing looks more Caribbean if anything.

pretty hype for this game, but when the hell is the PC version going to release lol

Been reading everything coming from PAX and loving it all, the mechanics are in place and the game seems to flow beautifully.

ive been watching footage as well, its looking really good out there. i wanna try out that dual wielding guy, he looks like lots of fun to use, and im also enjoying the freeze frame strikes. those are awesome

So there are silhouettes of the new characters.

The Chinese-looking girl on the right is probably the most interesting looking one here. People are kinda guessing what that weapon is. A mirror is the answer I like the most so far.

PS: I bet that guy on the left only has one arm.


It sure looks like a Chinese lantern to me… but it could be lots of things.

That was my first thought funnily enough.

Not sure if we already knew Hanzo was coming back but I didn’t so that made me happy. Bloody hell this thing is looking better all the time.

Also one armed swordsman? ■■■■ yes I’m, down for that was never the biggest fan of Jimmy Wang Yu though but I digress.


Oh for goodness sake D A M N is a swear word?

Hey, I may have been wrong about the one arm.

This is a portrait found in Charlotte’s stage, and those are supposed to be shots of the new characters. Also, a Tengu sounds like a more interesting idea anyway lol


Releases June 27
(btw who is that at 1:04?)

Season pass gives 4 dlc characters for around $20. Switch/PC have a winter 2019 release.