Samurai Shodown 2019

Would you like to play sometime? I’d like to test myself against a fellow KI player. I’ve just been hitting online randomly.

Sure! I’ll add ya now.

Pretty cool book and artwork

@xSkeletalx hey, sent you a message earlier as I was trying to set up a time with you this week, but now I cut my hand so I won’t be able to play for a few days until everything is healed up. Apologies.

It’s ok, make sure to take care of your hand properly. Plenty of time for some matches once you’re healed!

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If anyone want’s to fight tonight let me know.

Around 5:30 pm est I’ll be ready.

@xSkeletalx @BigBadAndy @Cabp15 ALSO

@BoJima404 Feel better my dude!

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If I see you online, I’ll hit you up.

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Thanks man! Appreciated.

(was trying to open a metal case without gloves and ended up cutting both hands. Not severely but still :slightly_frowning_face: )

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Thanks, will do.

After the patch, it seems certain top players rate Charlotte and Tam Tam as the top tier now. I expected Tam To drop but buffs on others might not have been enough to scare Tam Tam :smile:

I can probably get on for a while.

Just got home. I’ll be on in 10 minutes if you still wanna play @Cabp15 or @BigBadAndy

Just need a small break.

Well, never mind. My daughters bus didn’t show up until an hour late so we had to improvise and now I’m out to dinner. :pensive:

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Yikes. Hope everything’s ok though now.

I’ll try again another time wit ya. Have a good dinner.

My pc also might’ve exploded. (That’s beside the point though.)

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Got my cord back. So I can play again whenever. WOOoO

Today my play was a mixed bag. Joined a weekly offline league, the first after release of the patch and I did not fair well with my main Earthquake.

using Yashamaru:
5-2 v Jubei
3- 4 v Shiki
3- 4 v Charlotte

Using Earthquake:
0-7! v Charlotte
0-7! v Shiki

Lost all my matches against Shiki and Charlotte today with Earthquake. Pre-patch these matchups were in favor of Earthquake (and I would say matchup was 6-4 or 7-3) despite, for example, Charlotte being a top tier character. I am familiar with the matchup but sadly Earthquake can no longer escape through the air (his design has little tools to fight grounded).

Now with complete armor after startup on medium dp (623B) and full invincibility on hard version for most (all?) characters, Earthquake has very few options to approach or escape through the air. Basically that’s his entire design lol. If a character has a dp, then Earthquake has to remain grounded and rely on slow punishable normals and no walkspeed to run up and throw. Not his design. You get clipped regardless of what buttons you press or even do not press (jumping backwards still can hit him).

In comparison, I switched to Yashamaru and went 3-4 against the same characters today. Those were competitive matches. And, even a winning record against Jubei.

I was planning to make a push on the ladder going forward but against certain characters the matchup is decidedly flipped and uneven. At higher levels of play this change makes him simply lose against characters with a dp. Perhaps with Genjuro being toned down, that’s now a well rounded character I need to look at…
Back to the lab.

New character coming next week

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Managed to play the arcade test version of SamSho with Shizimaru. Really nice character to play.

Yeah. I’ve seen his breakdown video. I’m definitely gonna main him.

momochi in the news lately for taking a stance against the government…who are asking for a…pro license for pro players. Makes sense to me having played pro sports in my younger years. Anyway, I have little time to catch up on the story. Here is momochi playing SamSho much more interesting to me lol

I would be happy to hear about a license if anyone could make a case that it serves a purpose. It seems like the license is not required to compete. It’s only required to collect the winnings. And the pro license is not managed by the government. I am 100% fine with private leagues setting their own rules. But they need to be transparent about what they are doing and why so people know they are acting in the best interest of the sport and the players. Not just (as it seems here) stealing prize money back from tournament winners.