Samurai Shodown 2019

Just got home. I’ll be on in 10 minutes if you still wanna play @Cabp15 or @BigBadAndy

Just need a small break.

Well, never mind. My daughters bus didn’t show up until an hour late so we had to improvise and now I’m out to dinner. :pensive:

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Yikes. Hope everything’s ok though now.

I’ll try again another time wit ya. Have a good dinner.

My pc also might’ve exploded. (That’s beside the point though.)

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Got my cord back. So I can play again whenever. WOOoO

Today my play was a mixed bag. Joined a weekly offline league, the first after release of the patch and I did not fair well with my main Earthquake.

using Yashamaru:
5-2 v Jubei
3- 4 v Shiki
3- 4 v Charlotte

Using Earthquake:
0-7! v Charlotte
0-7! v Shiki

Lost all my matches against Shiki and Charlotte today with Earthquake. Pre-patch these matchups were in favor of Earthquake (and I would say matchup was 6-4 or 7-3) despite, for example, Charlotte being a top tier character. I am familiar with the matchup but sadly Earthquake can no longer escape through the air (his design has little tools to fight grounded).

Now with complete armor after startup on medium dp (623B) and full invincibility on hard version for most (all?) characters, Earthquake has very few options to approach or escape through the air. Basically that’s his entire design lol. If a character has a dp, then Earthquake has to remain grounded and rely on slow punishable normals and no walkspeed to run up and throw. Not his design. You get clipped regardless of what buttons you press or even do not press (jumping backwards still can hit him).

In comparison, I switched to Yashamaru and went 3-4 against the same characters today. Those were competitive matches. And, even a winning record against Jubei.

I was planning to make a push on the ladder going forward but against certain characters the matchup is decidedly flipped and uneven. At higher levels of play this change makes him simply lose against characters with a dp. Perhaps with Genjuro being toned down, that’s now a well rounded character I need to look at…
Back to the lab.

New character coming next week

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Managed to play the arcade test version of SamSho with Shizimaru. Really nice character to play.

Yeah. I’ve seen his breakdown video. I’m definitely gonna main him.

momochi in the news lately for taking a stance against the government…who are asking for a…pro license for pro players. Makes sense to me having played pro sports in my younger years. Anyway, I have little time to catch up on the story. Here is momochi playing SamSho much more interesting to me lol

I would be happy to hear about a license if anyone could make a case that it serves a purpose. It seems like the license is not required to compete. It’s only required to collect the winnings. And the pro license is not managed by the government. I am 100% fine with private leagues setting their own rules. But they need to be transparent about what they are doing and why so people know they are acting in the best interest of the sport and the players. Not just (as it seems here) stealing prize money back from tournament winners.

Hahaha, that’s shady.

Anyway, I’m not too much into this story even though it’s all over my Japanese Twitter feed. That’s only because I lack the time to read and understand all the legal, technical mumbo-jumbo. In Japanese language it’s too hard for me to follow all that is going on. Spent already 8 years of my life getting used to technical accountancy in Japanese, so I will pass on sports and gambling laws. I don’t want to rely solely on English gaming sites and tweets which could be biased towards players or maybe lack translation abilities :slight_smile:

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I get it. There’s so much we are supposed to join the riot for, it’s hard not to be exhausted.

It’s tough for me to imagine any good reason for not giving people their money. But I also don’t know what they actually require to register. :man_shrugging:

Planning to post a few of my random matches against Shizumaru soon.

I know it can be frustrating to lose a lot against one particular character, but thus far despite having lost quite a few against Shizumaru’s trickiness, it has been a joy that I even watch my replays. Not sure how OP he is, looks quite OP in some areas, like jump C, but I like watching and playing against this character.

I do not play Shizumaru myself (yet) but I haven’t gotten as salty as when losing against let’s say a Genjuro before the big patch or a Ruixiang. For some strange reason he is fun to play against and always feels like a surprise what things he can come up with.

…my opinions might change over time and salt may or may not start building but so far I am even enjoying the losses lol. Well made character (apart from small and some medium bugs that need fixing) imho… I got a nice Darli match and some funny double draws against Shizumaru…

Last night’s casual matches with a local TO who is practicing Shizumaru. My matches start from the 46 min mark or so (total 2 hour video). “pbouta” is my username. Disclaimer LOL: I do not play Darli or Genjuro at all but I am trying to learn them so you will see lots of mistakes or missed opportunities. Normally I play EQ, just one match at the very end.

46min: using Darli
1:12:53 using Yashamaru
1:26:40 using Genjuro
1:57:50 using Eearthquake

Also, I am on Hitbox, which I am still trying to learn how to use. A few random dps still come after dashing when I actually want a fireball motion…game buffers my forward input. Anyway, a good opportunity to see what Shizumaru can get away with too…

@BigBadAndy @Cabp15 @xSkeletalx @Dayv0


Really good stuff

WHAT did he hit you with at 46:16…? That seems like a disgustingly high amount of damage for a single, non SSM special…

It is a special charge move. This character has to hold down a single button and cannot use that button strength while pressing. Depending on how long you hold down your button, this special move increases in damage.

For example 1minute and 20 seconds takes you to a level 5, the strongest charge.
He held down to a level 5 (so he could not use a certain strength for that duration) which takes close to 50 percent of your health…in this case my health. It is blockable until level 4 I believe.

Yeah, amazing fight. I was cheering for the Nakoruru player, since I also main her.

Offline tourney at a local club. Many pros stop by this club (“Club Sky”) to play and train SFV and recently I have seen a few play and train SamSho too. Not sure if any pros appear in this particular footage.