Samurai Shodown 2019

Yes, it’s strange. I have had great matches with people in US/Canada before but it really depends. I believe when we played last time, SNK had yet to address the lag issue and on top of that certain stages have poor online performance for casual matches so that didn’t help. You need to select the right stage up front like Dojo or Edo theater.

However, you mentioned crashing, well, we had that today too. It is across both platforms now. At times the lobby crashes and sound drops. That never happened before but we had it happen once tonight. On PS4 it happened to me yesterday too with Japanese friends.

The crashing issue has been bugging me since day one. SNK may have improved the online, but there’s still plenty of lag. They really need to give us an enjoyable experience. They need to improve further that rubbish netcode of theirs or simply implement rollback netcode. Anyway, they gotta address the online issues as a whole asap.

I don’t really understand how any of that works, but it was made pretty clear with MKX that you can’t just swap out delay based netcode for rollback. You have to go back in and do major reprogramming of the underlying game. And I don’t see SNK doing that. But the agonizingly slow online matches represent more than just delay based netcode - it’s just plain not working the way it’s supposed to. So they should be able to improve this.

And just for the record, the smooth international matches I had were unfortunately always on PS4 so I think that plays a factor as well in how SNK implemented things on the X1. Must say that today we still had a pretty good connection as mentioned, so don’t want to be too negative. But I feel the difference between platforms and it’s still random depending who I play with. of course the distance from Japan doesn’t help so perhaps hard to pinpoint what the real problems are. Bottom line is they can improve Xbox performance a lot in my opinion.

Summing up, you’re saying SNK is favoring PS4 over Xone. That’s a serious matter, since the Xbox community has embrace the game. They gotta respect us and deliver a good experience, after all, we have paid for a product. If they are neglecting us, we gotta demand improvements. Otherwise, they shouldn’t have released the game on Xone

Of course, not talking about their intentions but I just look at my overall experience online. KI / MK run smooth but nearly every other Japanese fighting game runs poorly for me on Xbox. But as we are taking about SamSho and SNK, I don’t think it’s on purpose but I do play international matches quite often on PS4 and fail to understand why they run better for me there :confused:

The lobby crashing on PS4 is new though, but I heard this before from X1 players. Based on this and the online performance, I think they still have work to do on X1.

Definitely GGs!

Thank you. It’s very hard for me to say how I feel I did. I haven’t played in a couple weeks, and between that and the new patch, I’m uncertain whether I’m not remembering what I feel works for punishing/capitalizing on my opponents’ openings, or if so much has changed in the game that I just need to reestablish patterns. I ran into a few situations with missed inputs and poor choices, but thought I was somewhat holding my own. Neither Earthquake or Yashamaru are characters I’ve faced much, so I had a lot to learn on the fly. I felt I was having a more difficult time against Yashamaru, his speed and reach post patch feels like a struggle for Tam Tam. I feel like speed, more so than reach, currently feels like a bit of a problem for Tam Tam punish-wise. I hope he ends up with a little less startup on some of his normals/specials.

I’m not sure if Tam Tam has been indirectly nerfed in this patch by the lack of buffs for him compared to the buffs others received (and deserved), if I’m behind the curve, or if it’s a mixture. I was pleased with a few of the rounds in which I felt like I had control or landed some tricky plays! I still feel like I have a lot to learn. I know I need to work throws and counters into my play.

I played about 20 matches with a Shiki after you had to go, and in both settings I was feeling strange interactions with WFTs - prepatch, it felt like if someone jumped at all, I could land my WFT, but last night both you and the Shiki were able to block as you landed during some of my attempts rather than getting hit. Conversely, I got hit by WFTs while landing during multiple empty jumps. Did something change? Do I not understand how the jump mechanics work, maybe? I operate on the assumption that an empty jump gives priority to blocking, like in KI. Maybe that’s not the case though.

When you say empty jump are you referring to the “combo jump” or regular jump?

Also I do not see anything in the patch notes but I felt that either the hitbox was smaller or perhaps some extra hidden start up frames were added? The only reason I can think of is the reduction of recovery frames on certain characters including Shiki.

I remember you had some interest in Hanzo before. Here is a video of what can now be potentially done (again) post-patch.

Except for anti-air kicks which saw improvement, his kicking repertoire still lacks overall: poking with kicks still not possible, his knockdown kick has no reach.

But, now his Izuna drop can be much more easily executed with the help of added reach on the hitbox, additional invincibility frames / reduced recovery after vanishing, wind shuriken actually playable now (tiger knee possible??) etc…

I am really interested in him (and Kyoshiro =)…now. Such a scrub I am :smile:

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I don’t see myself trying out Kyoshiro, Hanzo and Ukyo (they do not appeal to me, specially Kyoshiro, which I consider lame). In my opinion, the patch nail it and now the game is way more fun and fair. Although, they went a little too far nerfing Yoshi boy (the forward shielded blade) and Jubei (now you can’t combo super after grab).

I mean a jump without an attack made during it. In KI, for example, that activates trip guard, and prevents you from getting hit as you land if you’re attempting to block. I thought that was how it works here too.

I need to work on learning specific things, like optimal damage/punishes. I’ve seen people land jumping HS, an instant standing MS, then WFT all in one go and I can’t figure out how to make that work.

I understand but because properties for normal jump and combo jump differ, I was wondering which of these you were executing at the time.

I actually don’t know how to answer that question! What’s the difference between the two?

I think combo jump is where you land and immediately jump again. If I remember correctly it has faster startup and may have different properties elsewhere as well.

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I had initially picked up Kyoshiro and Wu Ruixiang when both were lowest tier. Post-patch, especially Ruixiang has potential to enrage people hahaha. She reminds me of early S2 KanRa only in a game where everyone does insane damage.

Of course, her “land 2-3 hits and do 90% damage” are dependent upon meter but, oh boy, I have seen some footage online where players pull off stuff rather consistently. If she becomes consistent that’s too scary hahaha. When she has any kind of meter, you cannot move at all under no circumstances, you just have to wait for the meter to run out and block, block, block. Really nasty character now :smile:

As Andy mentioned, combo jumps are faster. You need to press up as you are about to land after a jump or even after hitting your opponent mid-air and are about to touch the ground. It was/is one of Yosh-itora’s main weapons and key for character like for Darli, Haohmaru, Charlotte. If you have a floaty jump then you should not be in the air, however, Tam Tam is one character to benefit from combo jumps because his strikes come out fast and have wide hit box. He is pretty safe in the air despite his high/floaty jump.

Combo jump is so important that in my case it is responsible for at least 25% of the damage I receive in every match :smile: I have been hit so often with throws because I did regular jumps instead of combo jumps. Earthquake needs to jump when he can get perfect angle or he becomes like a sitting (or flying?) duck. Combo jump is risky for him because of the very specific angle/hitboxes while being airborne. The dodge would take too long for me to press after landing from regular jumps that I could be thrown at will. Now with dodge having less recovery, I feel more safe to land normally rather than being forced to jump around using combo jumps…

But to your question, I believe you are right about blocking WFT, because previously I was never able to escape Tam Tam’s WFT. I noticed the same thing but I would have to see replay to know exactly why.

I can think of only two things, increased walk speed and combo jumps. Now that characters move faster in both directions, this allows them to travel a bit farther away so there is more distance now between Tam Tam and the opponent than before. Maybe there is a bit more time to block because of the additional distance that is created.

The second thing I can think of is perhaps that you were trying to WFT after someone combo jumped. I combo jumped more than usual. When I do not, I usually lose out on throws or Tam Tam’s WFT as Earthquake’s recovery after a normal jump is super slow. A combo jump gives me more time to escape but I do not remember landing recovery frames being better (only start up frames).

My pre patch records albeit in Japanese so let me translate. For example won 54 out of 82 for a winrate of nearly 66% with Yashamaru. Those 82 games total to about 2 hours (1h 59m 15s) of online experience.

My results were in line with most tier lists, with Genjuro as top, Yashamaru upper mid, Earthquake as mid-tier, and Shiki as trash. Would have loved more data for those other than Earthquake, but the strength of these character was apparent quite soon on ranked and at offline events. No doubt some trends would have continued and likely moved toward the tier lists I had seen.

  • Earthquake, I literally hovered around 50% with him. My overall 51% includes a lot of practice matches so in reality it was higher towards the end of the last patch. I felt confident against any character except Genjuro, Tam Tam, Haohmaru and Yashamaru.
  • Yashamaru was considered solid last patch. I used him for about 15 games online against Swordsman and Sword Masters and I had a relatively decent winrate. Switched to Yashamaru at the inaugural SNK tournament in Tokyo and lost against Haohmaru quite convincingly. Going forward I am not sure about him as he is quite boring to play in my opinion. The ultimate punish character as he has little pressure and lives off counters
  • Shiki no longer trash of course now. I only played 20 games with her before the patch but above 6000 points it was rough. No doubt my inexperience playing her was a factor, but compared to Yashamaru and Genjuro, I could never win just on fundamentals.
  • Unsurprisingly, my Genjuro had the highest winrate when I took him out for about 15 games. So many options. I could play sloppy and still win. Going forward he has become more “honest” and now I am willing to play him as he was my favorite character for a long time. Just didn’t want to join the Genjuro army before…

Going forward I will use Earthquake as my pocket character. I would like to focus on Genjuro. Despite starting out with Kyoshiro and Wu Ruixiang, I feel they are are perhaps strong in their own way after the latest patch but I have played quite a bit of a high risk medium (:laughing:) reward character with Earthquake thus far, that now I just want to play a more grounded, simple character and no longer play keep away or gimmicks. Evo Japan is in January so I still have time to choose a dlc characters like Basara or Shizimaru but whatever I play it will be less risky.

Felt bad as I went against someone with 6000pts on xbox, We played like 20 games on ranked flawless connection, which I was happy with. However, I am still at 2800 on xbox and therefore my opponent would lose 200-300pts for a loss, while I would only get “punished” with -30 pts per loss. Opponent seemed cool about it as we switched characters after 10 games. He ended up losing 1000 rank pts while I gained around 700 or so. Still GGs.

I went 2-8 against Rimururu using Yashamaru. Very close matches all of them but I could not open up my opponent enough. Lost 4 or 5 on the last pixel :smile: Still good training…albeit on ranked.
I fared better with Earthquake going undefeated against my opponent’s Haohmaru, my pre-patch nemesis character hahahaha

@xSkeletalx care for another few games this Thursday 7pm same as last week? Let me know.

I’ve got physical therapy after work that day, and likely won’t be done until closer to 8. Might be best to plan for another day next week, but I’d definitely like to do so.

Sure, I am off from work next week so pretty flexible except toward end of next week. Beginning of the week works better for me. Will ask you again before that.