Salty suite in KIWC?

Or the money matches…Does anyone know when they will take place and at what time?
I’m not even sure if they will stream those, but I would love to watch them.

LCD said sometime today. Since they’re both still in the tournament, id guess this might come afterwards. But its not on their schedule anywhere, either. It’d certainly highlight a ShinTristan Saucy Suite…

Ill say right now, there are two exhibitions they could run that I’d like to watch…

KI4life vs Ice Water - Ice Water knocked him out of LCQ’s 3 times so i know there’s some salt there.

KevBones vs DevilMayCare - i think Kevin knocked DMC out twice, and both times deep in the LCQ’s.

Kev actually beat Devil in 4/4 LCQs.

That quadruple jeopardy has got to hurt.


Did the LCD v. Thompxson match happen and are there any videos?

No spoilers if it was captured and uploaded!

Yeah, there’s a twitch clip floating around.

This is what I found for the matches:

Its worth watching if only for the “unplugged” commentary by nearly everyone that got on the mic.