Sadira's Playstyle

Anyone else find it odd the way Sadira plays? I know she’s a ninja, but she’s based off of spiders. Who arent actually known for rushing down their prey with mobility. They’re more so known for stalking their prey or waiting for their prey with traps setup to catch their prey. Which is why I think it’d be kool if Sadira was given a trap door web. Imagine it like the trap door spider. Sadira has a web on the ground and if you touch it, it strings you upside down for a combo. Maybe have the move be a low so she can get some sick setups off of a knockdown with it. Fingers crossed for S3!

That would be stupid broken! (That sounded pretty harsh, don’t mean it to be) That would be like having instinct all the time. For what it’s worth I feel like Sadiras gameplay design does fit a spider. Sitting on her web and waiting for her opponent to run into it aka zoning with widows bite until it hits and then you go on offence. Even if you’re not zoning it’s conductive for you to play a solid neutral game/ footsies until you knock your opponent down, and then you go on crazy offence. This is even comparable to a spider, as you put it, stalking its prey and then jumping on it. I don’t really think Sadira should “get” anything in S3 but changing some things around with her would be refreshing.

I love Sadira one of my few level 50 characters

She isn’t a ninja though :confused:

There are jumping spiders, ya know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol what if it didn’t lead to a full combo. Like it tied them up in the air and you could only cash out via shadow flip kick. And I actually shouldn’t have said hunting. To clarify sadira plays a lot like a tarantula. Where they hunt for their food. I’d prefer her to be played like a house spider. Where she sets up traps and lets her opponent hang themselves. I like her character design. Dont get me wrong.

Seems like a ninja lol

Ninjas are assassin’s

Potatoes, potaatoes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I try to imagine what Sadira would be like with an excellent new skin.

Decapre meets Phoenix entity meets Warcraft or smite

Well Sadira is now considered to be a jumping spider/spider-like assassin, if you will :wink: