Sadira stage Ultra idea

Did you know that the Sadira’s cave you can see Lochness ? In this regard, I am reminded of a brilliant idea for a possible Stage Ultra. Everyone would expect that the adversary is eaten by the giant tarantula, but here comes the Lochness head from the sea and steals prey to spider from under the nose!


WOW! I never notice this! You have very good eyes!


Wait, that’s really in the game?! So we have the Kraken and Loch Ness Monster! As a huge fan of cryptids, I love KI even more now!


Go to 1:20 :slight_smile:

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Now that doesn’t sound like a bad idea/suggestion at all for a potential Stage Ultra on Sadira’s stage/in the Assassin’s Cave stage :wink: :grin:

or better yet, the spider eat the opponent, Lochness eats the spider! food chain ender.


And overall food chain Stage Ultra :wink:

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I think this is photoshopped.

… no, no no man…

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Seems kind of obscure from way out in the distance. I think it would make a lot more since to use the giant spider since it’s right there and they already ave a model and everything else for it.

But I must commend you on the eye I nwever noticed that thin from way in the back there.