Sadira Match-Ups

wow that smiley looks friggin creepy…

Jump light punch from Sadira will beat Wulf’s jumping fierce so long as you both took to the air at the same time. I regularly use it to stuff Wulf’s who jump+HP to start the match. It won’t trade if you’re late on the button, but it does come out fast enough to stuff most (perhaps all) characters’ jumping heavies so long as you both take to the air at the same time.


thats some good intel. speaking of light attacks, i used them to throw off a tough TJ player and wipe him on 3rd match tie breaker. anybody havin issues with TJ who just keep seem to wallop you with his lame BS oughta give that a try. stuffed out a bunch of his attacks

So here’s a couple of matches with a Cinder that just broke me completely. Now, I know I’m a scrublord, I’ve confessed such many a time and I’ll admit I know next to nothing about the Cinder matchup, but the type of stuff that I was getting hit with from this Cinder was just ridiculous.

The trailblazer juggle BS is just horrible, not to mention the overpowering ground game that he has with frame traps and then there’s the hitbox on that DP.

What is meant to be done about this type of Cinder when Sadira can’t jump in or win the ground game?

Also, I noticed my opponent’s name and thought “Well, that explains it. It’s Bass. But wait, isn’t Bass a Spinal player, or has he switched to Cinder now? And isn’t Bass with NS, is has he switched to UA?”

Yah bass has been with UA for a while

Cinder probably isn’t his new main, but I have seen him use cinder online before. Probably just a fun character, or a counterpick.

Although I don’t think that the Sadira - Cinder MU is good, Sadira has lots of options to deal with cinder that you havent used.

  1. (Biggest misconception) Cinders Fireball Dash (I never did know the name of the move) can be punished by cr. lp. The timing is a bit tricky but it is possible, no matter what dash he cancels into after the first one.

  2. You can safe jump cinder if you land a sweep. Just delay the jump a bit and time MP really late to the ground. If cinder DP’s you can block it and If he does anything else (other than backdash) he gets hit by the MP.

  3. You ran away a lot and abused the webs that sadira can throw. Stay agressive and use her air normals. They beat out alot of cinders stuff!

  4. You keep trying to hit buttons during his block strings. Here you have two options, guess on a SC (easier than you think) or backdash.

  5. Relax and be patient, most of cinders pressure is escapable or punishable, you just need to figure out what and how.

  6. Don’t give up pressure. Letting cinder establish offence sucks, so if you do cr. mk, LBD, in hopes that it hits, even though its safe it gives cinder the advantage immediately after. Instead settle for pokes and use more frame traps/jump mixups. If youre desparate for a combo a lil risk every now and then wouldnt hurt but also try hit confirms. Jump mk is easy because it hits twice so you can react to the opponent blocking and go into a frame trap, or react to them getting hit and go into combo. You can to the same with MP,MP if you expext them to hit a button. the first MP will counter hit and the second will combo, and you can react to that and enter combo. Or cr. LK, cr. LK; if the first hits the second will combo, and you can react to the first hitting and after the second hits do LBD or M recluse and enter a combo. A good way to practice hit confirming is to enter training mode and put the block option on random.

Side note: Sadira, I think, wins the ground game. I cant explain why, you just need to understand footsies well.

Thanks for that info, I’ll need to see some of that in action.
I’ll also need to work on my ground game too rather than relying on the jump in.

The sheer amount of blocking that I needed to do was unreal though and I am impatient, I know. Shadow counters, that’s my big task, as well as timing my counter breakers. I’m almost always broken right when I hit the counter input.

Any new how to beat Kanra tips?

As evidenced by our deafening silence - nope. :unamused:

But in all seriousness, yeah, this MU sucks. I’d say the biggest thing is simply that you have to keep Kan guessing on what you’re going to do at any given moment in the air. Don’t spend the second jump if you don’t have to, abuse light widow’s bite, and never medium widow’s bite a good one if he has sand out - it is reactable 100% of the time with mash sandsplosion. You still have to utilize the air game, but you need to keep it unpredictable enough that Kan-Ra never has a good sense of when exactly you’ll be coming down with anything.

But yeah - Godspeed to you sir, because this match sucks

Any tips for dealing with aganos? Maybe I just don’t know his moves well enough to combo break them but any advice would be nice haven’t had to deal with many of them but it’d be nice to know how to deal with him when I do have to deal with him

Riptor is another character that’s a pain so any advice would be nice

Generally speaking, Sadira blows up both of these characters fairly well (although the recent Aganos meta/skill-growth has certainly made the fight more interesting). I personally consider both fights to be 6-4 in Sadie’s favor.

Against Aganos, your goal should be to get right next to him, and then abuse him with jump/widow’s bite/throw pressure. You want to keep your jump timings erratic to avoid back+LP anti-airs, and you want throws to both pressure him while chunked and bait throw techs that you can then punish. Sadira is actually very good at stripping chunks from the golem if she right on top of him - use widow’s bites canceled from normals and cross-ups to keep Aganos on the defensive.

At neutral, never commit to anything that has a predictable jump arc. Use single jumps, double jumps, single jumps into light kunai, etc. Aganos can punish Sadira (hard) for being predictable with her aerial approach options, so don’t do things that are reactable or easily identified.

Against Riptor, just remember to mash jabs while getting combo’d to punish any tail flip reset attempt, and remember that Sadira’s shadow counter is fast enough to punish jump+HP. Even if the punish isn’t very good (sometimes you’ll just hit Riptor out of the air), a lot of times just getting the space to breathe is worth the meter. Once you start your offense on Riptor you very much have the advantage - Riptor’s wide hurt box makes Sadira’s air pressure even more ambiguous than it normally is. Knock her down and keep her there.

Ok I guess I’m just bad then lol. I don’t know aganos’ kit well enough to break him and his walls are always what gets me. Riptor most people don’t seem to do the tail reset but then again I probably just havent played any good ones. But thanks for the advice

I use jump mk alot against aganos. Because it hits 2 times he’ll lose his chunks very fast. After that just keep crossing him up and do empty jump low or empty jump throws.

Well, it looks like I’ve not learned a thing when it comes to the Cinder matchup.

Here’s one of the last matches I had after a couple of awful matches against another Cinder. Granted, this guy tried to teach me during the second match by handing me the match and making me learn the shadow counter game against Cinder, but it was all in vain.

I know, I suck. Have pity on me…