Sadira Match-Ups

This thread will be for advise in regards to Sadira’s different match ups, as to how to overcome her weaknesses within such match ups. There are a host of Sadira pros on board of whom are more than happy to assist with any match up you have issues with.

So if you are having issues with a particular match up, we will jump into help, including videos and such, if needs be.


heheh… jump into… you set that pun up on purpose, didn’t you?


LOL thats a good one

I need some help with Fulgore. Particularly how to avoid/counter his plasma projectile teleport setups. I could also use some tips on how to win the neutral situation when your opponent decides to run and jump around at full screen distance

Jumping helps with the fireballs. unless he DPs after a teleport, you should be fine if you time it right. not sure how much help i am

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If there’s one thing that pisses me off is fighting run aways. To fight them, they’ll expect you to Web cling across and throw a widows bite. They’ll usually try to meet you in the air and knock you down. After, here comes a combo or they’ll run more.

Now what they dont expect is you dashing or blade demon to chase.against guys like fulgore or jago, shadow demon through’s likely the opponent will neutral jump into a combo after you nail them, so go for a hard knockdown to meet them with light widows bite. You can anti air their ■■■ with a recluse attack then set them up if you’re unable to for whatever reason is another option.

Here’s the objective, get the life lead and hold it. This applies to all run aways just jumping away or doing attacks that carry them away from you. they want you to hang yourself. wait for them to come to you and kill them painfully.

Edit: don’t be afraid to run the clock either, it’s their fault for being a punk ■■■ ■■■■■.

Thaaaaank you! :relieved: I also notice that the last guy I fought like this would have a smooth as butter connection, but when I got advantage then lag would kick up tremendously. These people…

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Yup, there are lag switching motherfuckers. I’ve taken a few out last week and it always boils my blood. At that point I will try to win from sheer will, and often times mine is better.


How do you guys deal with cinder? I feel like no move Sadira has beats his flash kick and even if you block and try to punish he can instantly do it again. You’re locked in that loop until he grabs or low kicks you, hate cinder man.

In most cases you can bait a Cinder into a flash kick and then hit them with Demon Blade. DB moves pretty quickly and will take them off guard.

If they look like using Heavy Fire Flash, then continue to block. Granted this character is broken right now, so I have taken the same initiative I did with TJ Combo before they properly balanced him, and block all Cinder mains, until he is nerfed.

Hell even Cinder players gripe about all of his tools. IG designed his moves to be unsafe high risk, high reward, but talented players have found tech that can make almost all of his moves safe.

Also, don’t jump a lot against Cinder… unless you can make your air approaches safe. I learned that the hard way lol (still learning it… i don’t fight Cinder often)

I’ve found myself blocking fire flash, going in to punish but find myself combo’d. Why? It’s not even a fired up variant either and supposed to be unsafe. In the right hands cinder will just perpetually block string and throw you to death

There is a video in the jago matchup section that shows how to beat Cinders flashkick with every character in case anyone still wanted to know.

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I do find myself totally lost when it comes to some fights.

Cinder is one of those ones that I just hope they do something to patch him or something, 'cause I have no clue what so ever. I could easily see myself loosing to just chip damage. I’m sure that I’ve tried to shadow counter a block string from Cinder, just to get grabbed out of the shadow demon.

What I do find really terrible for my morale/sanity is when Sabrewulf beats me out of the sky. I mean a ground based character that wins the air-to-air fight every time he jumps just has me screaming at the screen.


Surely Sadira has moves that counter any of his air normals

I’m sure she does, but it just a bit stupid that Sabrewulf has such fast air-to-air attacks. I know he’s fast and nippy (or bitey if you prefer) but he’s supposed to be a grounded and not capable in the air.

Maybe it’s my timing, maybe it’s lag, I just have alot of bother fighting him in the air.

I believe it’s a timing thing

sabrewulf jumping fierce punch has a good hit box and will take you out if you arent on point. his jumping fierce kick is also very good too. i dont recall beating his fierce punch in the air since alot of time has passed. usually i just let them jump first if they catch me in the air a few times. then AA them with a recluse or forward fierce kick though that is harder to land

fire flash video

thanks. now i know how to beat it with Hisako as well :smiley: