Sadira in Instinct can link 5 lights/meds?

Ok so I just fought UA Kalypso and did fairly well IMO but I seen something Ive never seen before. See the clip below.
In the corner after Sadiras instinct, he was able to link 5 light kicks or mediums in a row within the combo system, a light linker and then 5 more lights. If this was a juggle , No big deal, but this was a grounded combo with a lock out.
How is this possible within the confines of the system and can others do this?
Does this mean that Sadira gets frame advantage during Instinct?
These manuals didnt have that normal manual style timing/hit stop feel. These were really quick and fluid just like a falling opponent gets juggled in the corner.
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jump cancels

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How? How does jumping turn into 5 medium kick links in a row?
What exaclty is happening? WHat buttons, what stick movement?

You just hold up and time the button presses so the attacks come out before she leaves the ground. She can do it only off st.LK unless she’s in instinct.

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THis was in instinct. Can you guys see the clip? I went to the link and it wasnt there. IM posting another one.

If she’s in instinct she can jump cancel off of anything.


Sadira main here . Sadira can jump cancel any normal on the ground into another normal. This is done by inputting jump right after a normal, or by holding up and pressing a series of normals. Sadira can only do this if she has not enter the combo system using an opener (Blade Demon, Recluse, H.Widows Bite or any air normal.)

If she does, she will then perform an autodouble in which she can jump cancel from one to another. (H.Auto, j.c, M.Auto, j.c, H.Auto, etc)

What kalypso did was perform a empty jump low, then jump cancel the normals for that effect.

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So is this something the Devs put into the game? Or is it somehting that players found and was not intentional when she was created?

Why do other Sadira players not use this? I have not seen any other Sadira players do this ever. It is not applicable or worth using? Or is it just knd of a show off , trolly type move?

It’s been in the game since Season 1 and I guess IG thought it was cool. Of course it was the reason for the infamous “spin-to-win” crap, but that specific issue was patched.

It allows her more damage in combos using repeated heavy autos and using shadow widow’s bite during a grounded combo, so it is useful.


It’s not used mostly due to the execution difficulty. Missing a j.cancel can drop an advantage and waste her instinct. It offers no frame traps like the web and can be difficult to apply. Not to mention what you can j.cancel can be overwhelming to use. That may be the reason why it is used less.

You can use the spin to win still, but it no longer is unbreakable, mostly meant to show off with Sadira.

Bro, kalypso went ham!!!

Yeah, but he barely won the 1st match, both in danger, and this second was close as well.

@ElWayfarer so how do you break the sequence I was in? When do you break? As you can see I got a timing lock out right out the gate.

Also confirmed?, no other characters can do this?

I hear ya. I was just saying it’s crazy to do a 16 hit MANUAL combo!

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As has already been mentioned, Sadira can only JC this stuff during Instinct. If she JCs after an opener you get auto-doubles. However if she JCs without an opener everything after the first hit becomes manuals.

It’s really NOT that difficult to break. Most Sadira’s, like myself, will eventually use heavies. To break it, simply wait until you see the heavy manuals and then break like normal. You got locked out as you attempted to break a light manual and the break window for those is strict.


Huh, the links don’t seem to work anymore. I’m kinda curious what this looks like.

Xbox clips should work…the one drive link wasnt working for me once i logged out.

*** I know why… yesterday i was in my privacy setting and i turned my profile and clips to friends only**
You would have to be logged into your Xbox profile and friends with me to view them now.

** Scared me for a second, thought I had gotten banned from Xlive for a minute! LOL

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In a way, it’s similar to how Wulf can do heavy autodoubles back to back without the use of linkers. Sadira’s instinct allows back to back fast manuals, although they can be pretty easy to break since the move looks the same

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