Sadira 3.7

She isn’t as bad in fact she does some okay damage but I would like to know who she struugles with and is strong against.

She struggles against quite a few…
Cinder are the ones i know she has a hard time with for sure. There are possibly others.
Far as who she beats…idk. Arbiter and spinal and I’m not sure about anyone else

I think Eyedol beats her too.

IMO Sadira beats Hisako

Really how?

I actually think Sadira-Hisako is 5-5. Hisako can bully Sadira on her wakeup because Sadira’s only real tool is wakup backdash, which Hisako can beat pretty easily. Hisako wins the neutral but has a hard time AA Sadira, so shes relient on good ground control and air to airs. If Sadira gets in she can similarly take advantage of Hisako, as Sadira has tons of tools to bait out parry, and Hisako’s lack of AA or good quick buttons emphasizes this.

Hisako beats Sadira on the ground and can bully her when Hisako is on offence

Sadira beats Hisako in the air and can bully her when Sadira is on offence.

PS: I think Sadira is the most underrated character in the game.


As a Sadira main I feel pre 3.7 my hardest match ups were Gargos, Jago, and a few really really good Aganos. Post 3.7 I feel the game is the most balanced it’s ever been imo. I Win just as many as I lose with good gargos’. That match up feels alot more fair now than the constant uphill battle it was before. Jago match seems even now as well. Really the only match I personally struggle with is a good Aganos who knows how to keep chunked up. She has a hard time trying to remove those chunks if they know what they are doing.

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Quite a few of the top Hisako players think Sadira beats her - I’m probably the only one who calls it 5.5 (Sadira’s favor) to even. As Derp says, Hisako just has a really hard time once Sadira gets on top of her, and more importantly, light widow’s bite exists. That move singlehandedly turns a fight that would be in Sako’s favor into one that’s really tough for her. Meaty projectiles are always a problem for Hisako, and light widow’s bite has good options after that force you to just kinda sit there and take it.

I think the match imbalance only reveals itself at extremely high-level Sadira play though - at anything less Hisako mauls her handily.

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I agree. And it’s kind of funny to me th. But maybe I’m ignorant to something. But that’s my stance until proven otherwise. Everyone wants damage and ignores a characters ability to open you up and reset you with 3.6 potential damage.

As an aganos player, I usually do pretty well until I face sadiras who use all of her strengths. Hmmm seems like all characters are pretty good if you use all of the strengths and minimize situations where your character is weak… hmmm

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I’m agree with Letalis for bad MU with Gargos EXTREMELY HARD, but Raam i don’t think it’s so hard, but i think you bodied so much Sadira with your Raam Letalis ^_^…

Raam only needs one button once Sadira is on the ground. I didn’t even realize this before. Standing mk will beat anything. And he can quickly air to air shadow web doing similar to wulf

Accordding to the 3.6 Tier list Sadira loses to these characters

:Jago, Thunder, Orchid, Fulgore, Kan-Ra, Cinder, Aira, Tusk, Rash. Gargos, Raam, Eye-Dol. = 12

She is even with these characters

: Saberwulf, Glacius, Maya, Riptor, Omen, Hisako, Arbiter, Kim Wu, Mira, Kilgore. = 10

And she has an advantage against

:Sadira, Spinal, T.J, Aganos = 4

With the changes in 3.7, Jago is less of a threat but still can lock her down, Fulgore still has a great vortex and anti-air options, and Gargos has more windows of vulnerability making this not the worst matchup in the game.

All the characters who have an advantage against her has both strong anti-airs and strong pressure options abusing her weakness and nullify her strength. Anyone who is even with her only has 1 of these strengths while those she has an advantage with can’t do these that effectively or has some sort of defensive weakness as well.

Just as a quick note I think both I and Letalis will agree Aganos beats Sadira

Hes got stupid good AA, air to air, great pressure, better ground game. Only weakness really is when he doesnt have meter.

Also Sadira beats herself? What?

Whenever Kan-Ra gets room to breath, Sadira will have a very bad time vs him.

Ra can run away from her easily, punishing her attempts to destroy his swarms. Whenever he does a mistake, he can just explode and teleport to the other side of the screen where he put a trap before. Most of the time she won’t get in on time even when the sandsplosion misses.

As a Kan-Ra main, Sadira is my favorite match up because I have very specific plan against her which works almost every time as long I don’t make a stupid mistake.

I have it as even

I agree, IF Kan is given room, most Sadira players will spend most of the match chasing him down as he leeches her life away and then goes in for the kill. If however, Sadira stays on top of him, he does have a hard time dealing with her pressure once it starts.

In truth I don’t see this as a difficult a match as it was in S2, but it still can be hard, especially with against a Kan Ra who knows how to control space.

@MonsieurDerp Actually Sadira does have trouble dealing with oddly enough, Sadira. The sad reality is, is that she is ill equipted to handle solid areal pressure as she is meant to be IN the air, herself. In most Sadira versus Sadira matches, whoever stays right above your head, wins. At least in my experience. I’ve won against superior Sadiras and lost to less skilled Sadiras by just being in the right/ wrong place.

Also note Sadira versus Sadira battles are generally horrible to play and or watch. I’ve literally spent half of the match with neither of us Sadira players hitting one another as we dance around the screen. No EVO excitement there.

@MnTLetalis And you’re right. If Aganos can lock Sadira out of the air (and he can), she really doesn’t have mutch to go with. It gets even worse if Aganos creates artificial corners to put Sadira in. She almost completely falls apart in corner pressure.

On the other hand, if Sadira maintains her momentum, Aganos will struggle from the get go. In short, if she is allowed to have free reign above Aganos’ head, then she’s already won the match. So yeah, I would say even. Aganos certainly doesn’t have the struggle with her in S3 as he did with her in S2.

I’m not agree, i think this MU is Sadira’s favor.

Ok Aganos has a really good AA, it’s true, but it’s not hard to avoid it, and Sadira is probably one of the best character to remove chunk.

She has crazy mobility too, not him. He had slow jump so Sadira can AA with heavy recluse, and when Sadira has instinct Aganos is the BEST Sadira toy ^_^, i love the Aganos’s hitbox.

But yes, when Aganos has meter he can be a serious problem, Sadira must be careful in this case.

@SoSRaGnArOk yes, even if i think it’s in Sadira’s favor it’s definitively not like in S3, now Aganos had some tool to deal with her.

More of a logic loop thing:

Sadira beats Sadira

Therefore Sadira loses to Sadira

Its a nonsensical statement. I get what you mean though. Ive always hated the mirror match. Thats why I counterpick with Aganos