Sabrewulf's stage washed out?

I’ve noticed after the update that sabrewulf’s laboratory lighting is all fluffy and washed out… My brightness level in game is the same and the other stages are fine from first look… Anyone else see this as well?


Yeah me and another guy noticed the same thing. it looks awful tbh

i like it. It’s just me?

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I have noticed the same. It always happens with new patches

We can expect a fix sometime soon.

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My game isn’t updated yet. Will update tonight and check it out. Will also check if my darling Sadiras web cling now consists of webs instead of strings.

The stage sure seems A LOT brighter now. The dark is fitting for that stage.
But now with the light I see things i’ve missed before. Like the torn off arms hanging in hooks. How did this pass the T-rating and not Hisakos Naginata through a body? :slight_smile:

I definitely don’t like this. Hopefully it was a goof, but it doesn’t look brighter, it looks washed out. The darkness fit the tone. It’s a damn classic universal movie monster castle. Switch it back please!

Someone fell asleep on the contrastslider.


Yeah I noticed this as well, the relentless amount of bugs in this game is very odd…

Looks fine better lit. Maybe a green tint on the level before or something but now everything looks clear. I will say the night sky behind the lab looks dull.

i will try to take a pic and share with you guys . or if any one can do that can be better to share

Still looks washed out after the Shadow Jago update, anyone else?

Yes It looks as if it is here.

Yeah the made it super bright for some reason. I don’t like it at all. What was wrong with how it was before?

It happens on the first fight to me, if you rematch it looks normal.

Cinder looking super white on fired up hasn’t been fixed yet.

I like it too :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Still washed out and bright compared to the usual.
That being said, it doesn’t necessarily look to bad, IMO. Still, really noticeable though, and I can understand why folks would be cross. Should probably be fixed asap.