Sabrewulf ultrabugs


BTW guys,can you confirm when Mayas’s proyectile is breakable? I believe it’s only breakable during a “* normal combo” (that’s what I call it)

  • eg of the situation: Maya is doing a combo with autodoubles and linkers and in the middle she will use a light or medium dagger, despite being a projectile it is breakable.

But how would be a better way to put it?
And do you know any other example of this with other proyectile character? I wouldn’t mind to fix this in the image.


WHen its used as a linker…but what strength is it breakable as?


The yellow one with lights, the purple one with mediums


@NWOChr0n0s312 @DoobyDude23

Hope it’s ok (not English speaker here). I got to fix/add few things too.


Thank you.


Thank you! This helps so much. It’ll be a lot easier to explain it to people then.


I just came in to see what’s going on with Sabrewulf’s ultra bugs. First there’s the whole lycanthropy thing and now he’s got the bugs. Poor pooch. Someone needs a vet visit… :pensive:


Brilliant, thanks so very much!


I am going through the Forums and I see this burger representing the combo system. This is worth a bump for sure.