Sabrewulf ultrabugs

all the finishers combos of sabrewulf with HP or HK and can combo breaker? but, can not you counter breaker? What is this ■■■■?

Are you using enders after an opener without using anything between them?

If so, all enders are breakable. You have to use something between Opener-Enders to make the latters unbreakable.

If you are using linkers/doubles/manuals, please post a video so we can figure out whats happening

Sounds like Opener/Ender.
Anytime you see someone do an Opener straight into Ender or Shadow Ender you can break it for free. Strength doesn’t matter.

You can do Opener/Ultra with nothing in between though… that’s the only exception.

You are doing it wrong. Enders can’t be broken if done properly. Do it as the other players said.

Make sure you got this down just to avoid any issues during them killer combos.

Opener > Auto Double/Manual/Special > Linker > Ender

This translates to…

…Any attack (button, command attack, shadow move, etc.)

…Followed immediately by a button or special move (lk, mk, hk, lp, mp, or hp / directional input + any button BESIDES HK or HP to avoid going from opener to ender)

…Then your linker (directional input + any button BESIDES HK or HP to avoid going from opener to ender)

…Finally your ender (directional input + HK/HP)

Completely irrelevant, but awesome profile pic. I just finished reading the original Watchmen comic over the weekend.

I am applying normal combos with their conventional structure. What’s more, it happens that the video of the enders is seen and many times they break me falling from the ender.

I’m starting to think they’re cheaters.

Anyway you can get video on a phone or something that doesn’t mask lag/interference? I’m curious, because if they are cheaters then we definitely need to rid them from our community.

I do not usually record games on pc. I’ll give it a hard look to see if I get the video fast… I’ll give it a hard look if I get the video fast.

Just use the “fight archive” option. Play the match where that happened and use your cellphone to record it. Unless you can record using other method. But something as simple as that would help to clear some doubts about what’s happening to you.

OK! i use this secuence
lp,mp,hp (target), open, finish.

I do not understand why after the target the opening is opening and it is not a combo link.
I also do not understand why you can not counter breaker si el finisher es rompible.

Rompible? you speak Spanish? siéntete libre de consultarme cualquier cosa con Sabrewulf.

Target combo is no opener. Opener- Ender. You are doing opener ender. Since you are doing opener ender your combos are always broken with heavies. Check this image for combo rules, imagine KI Combos as a “sandwich”:

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Sólo jugaba con Tusk y no hacia esa clase combos. Me molestaba que te pudieran romper finalizadores unicos como el golpe del yuken o los remates en el suelo porque solo tienes una variante y en los otros killers no se podía romper.

Al entrar en el entrenamiento he comprobado lo de sabrewulf y sigo sin entender el porqué pasa despues de un target de tres golpes pero bueno es así el juego pues es así… aun así debería de permitir el counterbreaker.

De todas formas los antiguos killers tenian mas animaciones y para mi gusto en mejor sistema de combos.

Me he encontrado gente con chetos de 100% combo breaker y da asco total pues no puedes hacer daño. En los otros killers aunque lo tuvieran podrias jugar mas clasico y hacer daño.

En este momento estoy viajando (laaargo viaje) y se me hace difícil responder como corresponde. El idioma que hay que usar aquí en los foros es el inglés (no pueden moderar en español). Cuando llegue a destino te contestaré en español por mensaje privado para ver si puedo ayudarte a aclarar las dudas :+1:

Right now I’m travelling (and I have a long way to go). And it’s hard to answer you the way I want. Also English is the forums language,since they can moderate in other language. Once I get yo the city I’ll send a private message to try and clear your doubts :+1:

Excuse me! I thought you wanted me to speak in Spanish.

I really have no doubts. But there are things that I do not like.

In the training you can see the operation perfectly but I do not like that you can not counterbreaker if you break the finisher.

Lmao, there’s a burger used to illustrate the combo mechanics of KI… I’ve seen it all.

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I did it to show the combo mechanics xD
Sajam used to explained the system like a sandwich, I thought the burguer would be also effective :rofl:


Pretty sure this analogy has been used by the dev team before too. Nice to see an actual diagram, wish it was in English.

Target combo along with the special after are all considered as the opener so when you finish right after the opener, it is still an opener-ender combo which is breakable at any time until the opponent lands on the ground. Goes some way to explaining this behavior you mentioned.

I’m sure it has something to do with the inputs and how the game recognizes them but I don’t have confirmed proof.

Unfortunately they can’t really implement moderation for all languages so English is the chosen medium. You can converse occasionally in another language while providing an accurate translation, but its better to stick to one so that everyone can understand.

is there an English version of the hamburger combo structure picture?

@DoobyDude23 @NWOChr0n0s312
I did that picture,will transplante it to English as soon as I can. I’m not home yet, probably next week. I’ll see if I can get it this monday is I get the software here.


Ok cool. I could probably use Google Translate, but I’d love to have this as a tool to share with people who need/want the info. Plus, KI and hamburgers seem like a match made in heaven.

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