Sabrewulf suggestion

Sabrewulf was always designed as a character who takes a lot of work to get in and do massive damage. This philosophy has served him well over the years, but I feel that some characters have more tools to keep him out than what I’d consider “fair.”

Case and point: The grand finals of Combo Breaker 2017. Cinder keeps Wulf out quite easily by spamming bombs and can literally chip him out without Wulf having any options. Wheels got very lucky when he landed the shadow leap for the recapture and the win. With a minor adjustment, Cinder easily won the next match.

What if Sabrewulf had the ability to destroy projectiles with light eclipse (like Aganos’ flick)? Would this be a fair change or make him too OP? He’d still have to work to get in but could avoid getting chipped out in some situations. Thoughts?

To be honest, that really wouldn’t help him at all. The move isn’t as fast as Aganos’ flick, and even if it was, Cinder’s bombs can’t be destroyed once they’re on a character. I mean, if you’re some kind of god, you could time it with the detonation, but that’s not likely to happen.

Wulf already has good tools to get past zoning, and S3 has already buffed him in that regard (faster run, more reach on his running slide, diving slash).

Also, this is my opinion, but Wulf has always beaten Cinder. Wulf’s running slash alone makes Cinder’s runaway game really tricky, and Wulf is better up close than Cinder is. I feel Dayton could have played more aggressive to have an edge, and that’s not a style Dayton usually runs.

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I don’t usually have too much of a problem with Sabrewulf. Given he’s one of the older characters everyone has a familiarity with, you grow accustomed to countering certain details of his game. I don’t really feel like Cinder is at a disadvantage in this one.

I’ve had Sabrewulf players try to relentlessly pressure with his run moves and slashes, but if you know where the gaps are in the gameplan, Cinder’s actually pretty good in this situation. Any Wulf that plays at range is gonna be in a bad way, because pyrobombs give lockdown, build small amounts of meter, chip slightly, and make Wulf respect him. On top of that, any Wulf that tries to run from long range should be ready to eat HK Inferno. Long range is just a bad idea in the matchup. Close range is better, but I’m learning Cinder’s normals have some incredible use in this if you know what you’re doing.

I kinda want to say it’s an even matchup, but maybe a tad in Sabrewulf’s favor, just not by a lot. I really felt like Wheels should have stayed with Gargos for the Combo Breaker finals, cause when he picked Sabrewulf, I believed Valoraxe pretty much had it at that point. The match he lost, if he had just detonated the pyrobomb he would have won, but either he got overly cautious or maybe showboated a little. Wheels could probably have worn him down with Gargos eventually, as Gargos vs Cinder is mentally taxing for Cinder, and probably could have fatigued Valoraxe to a point where Wheels could have capitalized on mistakes in his gameplan.

I don’t know, it doesn’t sound to bad on paper, but I would think playtesting a change like this could be beneficial first. Kim already has something like this given her one special that reflects low level projectiles back at the opponent with dragon cannons. I wouldn’t say give Wulf a dragon cannon as a reward for batting away a projectile, but it doesn’t sound like an overpowering change to simply negate a projectile. Then again, increasing Wulf’s distance effectiveness can adversely affect his runaway game if he gains a good life lead.

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from my understanding, Sabrewulf is basically a shouto without a fireball. What he needs the most would be some sort of tatsu that is projectile invincible, which he does have. (His shadow lunge move i believe). That leads me to believe the best thing for him would be blocking fireballs gives him more meter as a possible buff. Or expanding on your idea, Eclipsing fireballs gives him extra meter to work with.

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