Saberwulf grab nerf ,pleas nerf his leg grab

His leg grab when he knock you back into the corner the frame freezes and doesn’t let you even defend the grab by simutanously grabbing yourself because on the frame once knocked back it freezes,please fix this, its unfair.

What is his leg grab? Never heard of it.

I think he’s talking about his throw. After wall splatting the opponent, Wulf almost always gets a free throw, I use that option a lot.

It’s not a free throw as it’s techable. Everyone with a wallsplat gets this ability.

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Did not know that, from the amount of times its worked I just assumed that it was free, thanks for the info.

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If you’re locked out, then you can’t tech the throw. Otherwise, you can always tech it (but your opponent can also bait it by neutral jumping or something else). It’s actually a pretty odd mechanic… you normally can’t ever throw someone in hit stun, but KI lets you do it after a wall splat, and it also lets the defender escape it.

It’s supposed to be a really scary mixup though. Offense in the corner is always scary. In virtually every other game, corner combos do more damage than midscreen combos, but that’s not true in Killer Instinct. But you do get access to the wall splat ender in the corner, which sort of functions as a “corner-specific combo” that should make your opponent nervous.


No trouble pal.

Characters with a command grab DO get a free grab on you after a wallsplat but it is heavily scaled (reduced in damage), whereas a regular grab is generally unscaled or minimally scaled (not sure which).


Could you perhaps be more specific in what way? is he just grabbing you in neutral or doing it after knocking you down? or doing it after a wall-splat ender?

If he’s grabbing you and you’re trying to tech grab you may be timing the grapple break incorrectly. I’d suggest that you practice it in the practice mode so you can tech it. It’s pretty easy after awhile.

Set the CPU mode to “Record”

Grab the character you main.

Set the CPU mode to “Playback”

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Hopefully that will help. Another thing you can do is jump over the grab and kick him on the way down for a full combo punish.

There’s actually quite a few ways to go about this.