Saber Wolfs stage washed out after New update please help

I noticed after the Shadow Jago Update that when i get to Saber Wolf his stage is washed out and is more grey than anything. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix for it?

has been like that for a while. I think on purpose though

No, it was officially marked as a bug and supposedly fixed in the last patch (or maybe 2.10)? Unfrotunately, it still happens to me, too.

Yeah, looks like it’s still there. Sigh. We’ll address it.


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100 bugs in the code.
100 bugs in the code.
Take one down,
Pass it around.
107 bugs in the code.


That’s just how coding goes lol happens everywhere

Yeah I noticed too.

It’s odd because I notice the characters are washed out too. It washes out everything on the screen.