S3 retro artist?

Is it the same guy who did s2 retros?

That same guy was Kevin Bayliss and I’m not too sure about that considering he’s working with Playtonic Games now.

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I would love to see Kev return for S3! Yet to hear any news on that though :disappointed_relieved:

When Kevin announced that he was joining Playtonic it was not stated definitively (i.e. beyond any conceivable wiggle room that would satisfy the people on the forum who think we might get more than 3 stages), but pretty well intimated that he wouldn’t be doing any more work on KI. He basically said “goodbye guys, thanks for all the fun with KI.” I’m sure someone on here can dig up his tweet.

Is this what you’re referring to?

I think this was before he joined them full time. It’s not the most likely that he will return, but I would still really like to see him do some designs.

Either way, I’m definitely picking up Yooka-Laylee when it’s released…

Possibly. I didn’t scrutinize it at the time, but I think there may have been one after this…