S3 Feature Request - More emphasis on non-ultra killing hit!

You know when you have that really close match, super tense, adrenaline pumping like crazy and then… you win with a poke… so anticlimactic!

What I would like to see in S3 is something that can reward your clutch footsie work at the end of a battle. I understand it’s kind of due to the KI combo system, still I’d like a richer feedback the moment the opponent’s life bar gets depleted. Right now there’s an audio cue with the character’s scream, but it would be awesome to have maybe a quick slow-mo and Iight effect on the actual killing hit. I’d like a slow-mo cuz it blends well with the game flow,
I immagine something like the startup of a shadow move, with the sound bending as time slows down. Maybe a little “Boom” sound on the hit.

What do you guys think? It’s just something to keep the game super hype even if the match gets down to the last poke:)


Yeah, this is something I have been missing from the old SF2 days, the emphasis on the knockouts from normals. You land the deciding knockdown, the game goes slow-mo and your opponent flies across the battlefield, bouncing at the side at the screen and later, on the floor, knocked out, screaming in agony. Or, from a normal that doesn’t knockdown, your opponent crumbles at his feet in slow-mo, screaming in similar agony.

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Blends well? …but this game is super-fast! I don’t think it would blend well at all (despite being an interesting idea - I too remember those slow-mo Street Fighter wins).

tha game already has quick slowmos during the fight (shadow moves startup) that’s why I said it blends well:)

Another game is doing this currently is tekken 7 and I think it feels real good when it happens:)

I know they’re there, but I, for 1, hardly notice them…

I remember immediately noticing them the first time I saw the game. The startup animation of shadow laser sword is one of the best in the game imho:P Same now for Shago shadow dp:P

Somethings like guilty gear xrd with camera changes plus slow-no?

Hmm idk I woul probably prefer new badass death animations that happen because of a poke. Like say instead of glacius weirdly falling over he weird have a new scream sound and melt into a puddle and stay like that or maybe shatter into glass shards.

Other more human charecters would have a unique fall over and die/fall unconscious animation that can’t be triggered otherwise

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You mean something like SF3. When a character was knocked out by a light attack, they would stop, groan, kneel and fall down. I remember Alex would go “Jesus…” and fall down.

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Amazing idea. Would be cool to have this in the game. I remember playing TMNT:Tournament Fighters from the sega genesis when I was younger and thinking how cool knocking down the opponent was in that game. This game was probably one my favorites at that time.


As much as I agree with this, I sometimes also think that those moments are made even funnier - doing a huge combo, you end it, the other guy/girl tries to jump, and all they get hit by is a small poke and they fall down and you win :smiley:

OMG, I loved that game! It was so underrated! Thanks for reminding me what it was called; it’s been so long since I’ve played it that I had forgotten… :slightly_smiling:

As fun a ste potential might be I think it kinda can put a stampr in the mud of the pace of the game possibly fudge up the button inputs if you manage to do an Ultra.

I see what you mean there. But what if the requirements for the Ultra were more specific?

For example, you can perform a Ultra Combo only if the opponent is in danger and has at least 1% of life left.

That would mean that if the opponent dies mid combo he would just fly to the ground in spectacular fashion at the actual hit that kills him, therefore no Ultra. This would make Ultras a little bit more rare, which imho could also mean a bit more special:)

But that would remove the unspoken competition to have the Ultra with the most hits on the ranked leaderboard. Being able to do a long combo before actually initiating the Ultra is essential to that so if you couldn’t continue the combo after the opponent dies that psudo-mini game would be gone.

True, still I find boring to watch a dead body being heavy doubled>heavy linked a bunch of times. I’d much prefer to watch a character specific death animation. I can imagine Glacius melt down for good, fulgore get disassembled and so on. Or even specific to the winning character.

My thoughts exactly!

I don’t think there’s anyway to fix em’ the damage has pretty much been done.

This wouldn’t be a problem if we had No Mercy finishers.