S3 Combo breakers, how do they work?

Okay, in S3 combo breakers won’t knock down.
So let’s say Kan-Ra (left) is facing Sabrewulf (right)in the middle of the screen. Now Kan-Ra does an opener and get’s instantly broken on the second move. Where does he land? Right next to Sabrewulf or in the left corner?
What happens if Sabrewulf starts a combo in the same scenario and get’s broken? Does he land next to Kan-Ra or in the right corner?

Are the distances character specific? Are you on frame advantage after doing a combo breaker?

I don’t understand why nobody is talking about the combo breaker change. It is HUGE. It went from hard knock down (S1) to soft knock down (S2) to NO knock down in S3. This changes the meta drastically.

the range where they land is character specific. after a combo breaker you are something between -1 and +2 if i remember correctly. so you and your opponent are roughly even after a combo breaker.

just check out the balance changes from KI world cup, keits is talking about that. Here you go

Why not ask during the 11-hour Sunday stream that IG are doing to demonstrate matchups and take community requests to try things out in training and whatnot?

To your other points: people have been talking about the combo breaker mechanic; and honestly, I don’t think it’s as huge as people are making it out to be. It will quicken the pace of games and make the decisions-to-time ratio even higher than it already is (which is already notably high for a fighting game), but it’s not a substantial change to the risk-reward of the combo system because the soft knockdowns already aren’t worth all that much to the breaker.

It is my understanding that the person who was combo-boroken is “launched” to a place that is outside their effective range, putting both characters back into neutral and giving the defender some much-needed breathing room to reorganize their strategy of what to do next, so yes, it is character-specific, as others have already said. This means that characters, like Jago will likely not be launched very far, whereas others, like Aganos will be launched pretty far away.

What concerns me is how that might truly be fair. For example, Sabrewulf performs a combo-breaker against Kan-Ra. Kan-Ra gets sent flying far across the screen, since he’s a long-ranged character. However, once they’re both back in the neutral, it’ll be Sabrewulf who’ll have to work harder to get in, since Kan-Ra can simply use his reach to his advantage, as well as set up swarms, and pester the poor dog with sand-spikes. So, I naturally question how this is necessarily fair, but I digress - there may be something that I’m missing here.

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I thought they said the the distance that the broken character flies is determined by the breaking character. I may need to re-watch the stream.

It’s entirely possible that I’m mistaken (and if I am, by all means, feel free to let me know). That being said, however, I think the issue and concern about overall balance and the distance that characters can reach that I’ve mentioned before, still stands.

Which character the distance is based upon seems to be the only real confusion I see. When I first watched the stream, it seemed like it was outside BOTH characters effective ranges, like outside of Ice Lance range if Glacius is playing no matter what

It changes a lot how I play Kan-Ra. In S2 I sticked to short combos like hard punch into hard spike to keep rush down opponents away because whenever you got broken you are in a world of trouble. In season 3 you can go for full damage combos because a breaker will just put you a full screen distance away. And that’s a position I like.

Hm, if they’re putting you outside of Kan-Ra’s effective range when you get broken, where they didn’t before, then yeah, that’s got some value to it.

@keits so is there any official statement on who triggers the distance? BTW what are the combo breaker distances for Kan-Ra? I can’t watch any videos right now because my internet doesn’t work.

The character that did the combo breaking decides the distance, and it’s roughly right outside their effective range. It doesn’t matter which character got combo broken. So if Kan-ra lands a hit and Sabrewulf breaks, the game knocks Kan-Ra back to right outside Sabrewulf’s effective distance. If Sabrewulf lands a hit and Kan-Ra breaks, then Sabrewulf gets launched farther back (because Kan-Ra’s effective distance is farther). This is to make sure that the player who did the breaking can’t immediately do their best option (but maybe the other character can, depending on who they are).

There’s probably a bit of “this character gets better positioning advantage off a breaker” balance concerns, but Glacius got massive stuff off a breaker in S1, and Jago got massive stuff of a (instinct canceled) breaker in S2, so really it’s nothing new. I imagine the differences will be way less pronounced between the characters than they were in S1 or S2, even if it’s not zero difference.

I think one of the characters that will be near the top of the list for “best position after a combo breaker” will be Aganos. He can fight pretty well from far range OR close range… he just sucks on his back or when somebody is in that blind spot above his head. Aganos getting knocked back with 0 chunks means he can probably fight from whatever range you put him at.