S2 Soundtrack Discussion

Polemos and Inferno are basically the same as they used to be, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

I’m surprised that Riptor’s theme got little to no changes considering it got generally bad reception from the community.

Village of Whispers and Sandstorm got some decent changes and they definitely improve the tracks.

I’m Back (to Rise!), .Execute, Temperance and Vengeance and Herald of Gargos got some huge changes and completely brand new sections, and they all have blown me away.

My top 3 tracks, in no particular order, are Temperance and Vengeance, Inferno and Herald of Gargos.

What do you guys think of the soundtrack?

Herald of Gargos is actually surprisingly good on the OST version, in game is good but it is not that level of gdlk

I’m still listening a lot of Inferno, that track is awesome, but Herald of Gargos is up in that tier of the OST for me now

I fell immediately in love with Herald of Gargos when the Dungeon remix came on, and then at the very end with the mellow remix of the KI theme


It’s kind of awesome how my 5 favorite characters (Glacius, Cinder, Orchid, Maya, Omen) also have my 5 favorite themes.

Another really solid season of music from Mick Gordon. He will certainly be missed in S3!

Also, wow yeah, Temperance & Vengeance sounds way way different on this album. Feels like the techno influence is more prevalent on the album version, for lack of better way to describe it. Interesting!

Maya’s theme is my personal favorite. it’s just beautiful

Personal favorite is Village of Whispers, but in game I’m Back (To Rise!) is just too perfect. Pumps me up every time.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Herald of Gargos, was never in to heavy metal or anything but this is just fantastic! Maya’s theme got a really interesting album remix.

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Top 3 for me: Temperance and Vengeance, Village of Whispers, and Harold of Gargos no doubt.

I’ve been listening to .execute and Temperance & Vengeance non-stop, but I also listen to I’m Back (to Rise!) and Inferno on occasion. While I don’t go to the others as frequent, I love them all regardless.

My top 3:

  1. I’m Back (to Rise!)
  2. Temperance & Vengeance
  3. .execute

My favorites are definitely:

  1. Village of Whispers
  2. Polemos
  3. Temperance and Vengeance

The vocals on these tracks are just amazing.

I’m actually incredibly disappointed with the album version of Temperance and Vengeance. The ingame version just feels ten times more epic and tribal, where I feel the techno aspects completely ruin it. Maya isn’t even a high-tech character in terms of her armor, weapons, and equipment, so I don’t feel it really fits.

I’m hoping Mick will release another version which is more like the ingame track.

Omen Herald of Gargos is amazing! By far my favorite, with S1 Type-03 being my 2nd favorite. Hisako is very catchy as well and my kids love that one!

Inferno and Village of Whispers are definitely my two favorite. I’m Back, Sandstorm, Herald of Gargos are all tied for 2nd. The rest are pretty awesome too. Tied for 3rd lol

I’m Back, Herald and Inferno are my top 3 at the moment. I loved that he put that mellow version of the KI theme in that I requested for Omen,