S1 Ultra Edittion Owner...... Which Version?

Hey all, I own the Ultra Edition of Season 1 and skipped out on Season 2. What do I need to get to get all the characters from Season 2 and 3? S3 Ultra Edition or S3 Supreme Edition? If I get the Supreme Edition will that come with KI Classic 2?

Supreme Edition comes with all 3 ultras and the classic games if you buy the XBOX supreme edition.

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So that’s probably my best option for the money to get the S2 Characters and KI Classic 2. I was thinking maybe there was some combination of things I could buy and have it be less.

If you would have gotten S2 ultra when it was on sale last week, you could have gotten things a tad bit cheaper.

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I wish I knew. I haven’t touched KI in more than 6 months. Sad I know. But I’m ready to start playing. Hopefully all the quitters are gone and “Jail” is fixed. Main reasons I stopped playing.

I guess I’ll get the Supreme edition. Thanks for the help!

No problem, and if it makes you feel any better, the savings wouldn’t have been that much.