Rumours: New Samurai Showdown game?

This just showed up on Eventhubs…


i hope its true X 100

Want another Fatal Fury or Mark of the wolves sequel more but this is good.

Give me bloody roar!

Although I can remember playing a dude with an eagle in an old samourai showdown game, I liked it

these are very good news :grinning:

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Bojima, don’t get my hopes up… Lol.

Hopefully it’s true though.

If it looks anything like KOF 14 then I won’t be sold

Finally! I sooo hope this is true. SamSho needs are decent revival too.

Wasn’t that a girl? Nakoruru?

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Could be, think I got them mixed up a bit, I was think of jubei, and probably played with the girl with the hawk too…its been years ago since I played a game, could it be the snes/genesis period?

Samurai Showdown was a really cool game that I never thought really lived up to it’s potential. Seems like most people agree #2 was the pinnacle for the series and the last thing they released was a bizarre 3D piece of trash.

Hopefully this one is a fresh take on the series.

Dude, she was fun! Especially that epic bird…

well this along with KoF shows SNK isn’t really dead. which is aweosme.

I personally want a King of the Monsters sequel!

still if this game’s gonna be good I’ll pick it up!

Nice! :smiley: Next, all we need is a new Bushido blade, power stone, and a new rendition of Soul Calibur based off of soul calibur 4!

Oh yesssss, that would be a dream come true.

I never had a neo geo and never picked this up anywhere else. But I’d love to see that concept redone in a fresh way.

there was Kom1 and Kom2 but I much prefer Kom2.

I’ve played the game for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis (each a different version) I’d love a continuation or at least a reboot to the franchise with combining the features of the two versions.

I’ve played the Neo Geo version on a rom once and wow it was pretty hard XD

One of the games closest to my heart really. lol my bro and I played the hell out of KOM2

Oneday I wanna do a 3D animated series of all the monster fights!

But will Asura be in the game? Shiki? If not, I’ll be disappointed.

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