RPG element ideas

Since shadow lords is basically an RPG version of the game, I thought that I would post my old RPG ideas here as something that could possibly be added to SL to further expand the game.

Any input or opinions are welcome.

RPG mode

In RPG mode, players take the stock, IG-standard characters and play through scenarios or "missions"with some extra details apart from story mode.

Also among the missions are gauntlets of fighters that can be gone back to and farmed for XP.

Fighters will gain XP, leveling up periodically as they fight. Leveling gains the player skill points that can be used to unlock and customize additional command specials for that character from a pool of, say, four or so.

Existing characters will gain the four new abilities while season 3 characters will be created with particular movesets, including a selection of four extra specials to match the existing cast.

As each character already has a set number of specials, equipping a character with a new special means replacing an old one.

This mixing and matching of specials will add new ways to play each character, similar to MK variations, but with the added depth of a much greater number of possible combinations of moves per character.

RPG mode would also include a random encounter system which will pit players against each other, the winner gaining XP.

XP can be spent to purchase buffered versions of each piece of any character’s cosmetic accessories.

Skill points can buy new moves, or customize already owned moves with new effects. For instance, someone could put a point into upgrading Spinal’s shadow skull, adding a poison DoT that does a set amount of white damage to the opponent. Or, Orchid’s instinct fire cat can be upgraded to grab opponents and hold them in place for a couple of seconds or until she makes contact again.

Keep in mind, I made these ideas back before Season 3 was actually released so, keep in mind they’e out of date.