Anyone know when characters rotate or even whose next on the rotation list?

Currently is Sabrewulf, and don’t know who is next. Will let you know once it is announced!

When is the next rotation? o-o

To be honoest it’s silly to have people learn the game trough the dojo wiith Jago but having Sabrewulf as the only free char

Always is Saberwulf it feels like. They have enough to do 2-3 characters free a week but, nope…we get Saberwulf always.

This can’t be serious… I swear it was Riptor for the last…long, long time. We just updated for the rotation to be Wulf.

Everytime I play it’s WUlf though. :x Kinda hurts lol

Uhm…If you enjoy the game enough to keep playing it, why dont you buy it (a character, season or the supreme edition).

Because they are to tight and want every character to be free!.
I bought season 1 back when it first launched and bought season 2 launch day and bought season 3 launch day!. So can’t others who obviously enjoy the game support the devs and buy (A) season,doesn’t have to buy all 3 just 1!!
IG will rotate the next “FREE” character when they are ready I’m sure they have been very busy with season 3 and when things calm down they will sort out the next free character.

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Far from true actually I am saving to get my own place right now. Since you want to make yourself look like an ■■■ by assuming then I shall let you know and @Draigh every time when I can play KI it’s Wulf free. Curiosity isn’t a reason to be a ■■■■ about an answer.

I apologize if my response came of snarky, it was late and English isnt my first language. It was not intended to be.