Rollback question

Second 17, while I’m doing a combo the person “locks out gray” and instantly breaks my combo.

This also happens like a lot in other matches, streaming or not. Specially during counterbreakers (you hear the sound but nothing comes out). And something else I got while playing against a top player (that happens A LOT to me) is you get counterbroken and you hear the combo breaking voice at the same time! it’s crazy.

Still I feel lag (slow motion lag) is worse than rollback…

But this problem affects counterbreaking and breaking too much. It really messes the game for me.

Something I don’t get if the other player is watching the same stuff. Sometimes you will se your hit connect and then they are blocking and suddenly hitting you out of a sudden.

Also with breaks,This is my question:
Are they watching the same as I or my auto doubles started and they are breaking it (which looks frame 1 break) before I can see the proper animation coming out? Because gueesbreaking is mad in ranked and counterbreaking sucks online. I’ve been losing matches for those because they locked out wrong even though I did opener counterbreaker withouth nothing in the middle.

But yeah, I get these are online problems and nothing can be done about it. Even my internet was Godlike I live quite far from most players, and even depending on their connection we might have trouble.

Oh, and the tech throw option select in the corner is an instant gray lock out if the one attacking tries counterbreaking, I tested that offline and sometimes it connects and others it just won’t. Doesn’t seem constant.


Does this also happen to you?
When lag is more obvious screen Bakcground would go gray color. Is this for both players as well?

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Yes, I have some unfortunate issues with lag also, one that annoys me the most is them inputting counter breaker, the game making the metallic sound of a failed counter breaker on my end, yet they still get the counter breaker when theoretically we should both be back to a neutral state as I press to break way after their counter attempt. It makes me feel like the window for a counter breaker is ridiculously huge.

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I’ve actually triggered a Counter breaker after a failed attempt by trying to GRAB them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now @MaruMDQ to answer your question…

The reality is, what you are seeing on your screen, as well as what they are seeing on screen is an interpretation of their inputs within the netcode. When both opponents have good connections and are relatively close to one another the netcode has an easier time translating the inputs from on individual to another. However, if the opponents are far away from each other (as in different countries) or one or both have bad connections, the netcode will often mistranslate the inputs, resulting in odd behaviors.

This is what happened when we fought a few months back. On my screen, I would show Sadira hitting Sabrewulf and I saw him flinch. The combo counter started, but before I could input my second command, you were able to use Eclipse. In another event, I was in a middle of a combo and then got Shadow Countered. Due to the lag and distance between us, we were several frames apart, of which caused all the anomalies.

There are some instances (albeit rare) where you’ll experience a total desync. Several years ago, I was fighting a decent Sabrewulf and doing a really good job against him. Halfway through our match though we experience a massive lag spike. Afterward his Sabrewulf became godlike and triple ultraed me. During his Ultra I got a message from the player accusing me of Rage Quitting. On his screen, I quit the match. On my screen, his Wulf got possessed by Kyle CPU and crushed me. I showed him the vid and we both laughed it off.

Usually if your opponent starts acting strange after a lag spike a desync has occurred of sorts.