Roll back Clips.. When you should've won, but you didn't


I know I’m not the only one. This PEEVES me :persevere: :rage:

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Wow… This is my worst nightmare! D:

Dude, I wanted to literally go in the other room and headbutt my grandmother when this happened to me. It’s so RAGE inducing! I worked so hard for that win. That MU is tough!!


Made it a gif.


I wish I knew how to upload videos on this forum. I still have no idea how to do it lol.

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Wait what how??? This has me heated. HOW SWAY!?


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Ive noticed a lot of matches where crazy moves are pulled out of no where off flip out. Or worse during a combo when hitting a manual and all of a sudden their mashed Light break attempt turns into a grab or a shadow counter.

I absolutely cant stand this and I didnt know it was the roll back doing it… I just thought it the lack of hit stun.

Honestly I recommend that if you are on the receiving end of a flip out… either pop instinct of use your fastest shadow move. You will beat out whatever is coming your way most of the time.
Or jump… but never just block.

Like this?

at least now i know that this do not happens only with me…


Yea… that would’ve been the moment I broke my xbox.


The trick is to not get cocky when both of your life meters are low, no matter how close you think you are to beating your opponent. People get so confident that they might cause themselves to lose unintentionally. Slow down.

What are you even talking about?.. I’m confused.

When you see that your opponents health is lower than yours and close to defeat, but yours is low also, don’t get too confident that you will take the win. Slow down, continue to keep blocking and avoiding more damage, because your opponent may get the win instead, just like the video. I used to get so confident before that I actually lost several times. I’ve learned to take a step back and slow down.

You’re aware that this post has nothing to do with patience or over confidence right?

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I was just adding to what I saw in the video from my own perspective and trying to give a friendly tip. Orchid still had Instinct, Thunder seemed confident enough that he would win but didn’t account for her using Instinct and ultra winning the match instead.

Okay, so allow me to help you gain affirmation in accordance to whats happening here. Thunder in fact should have won, however, because this is a “rollback” scenario he did not win. Do you know what roll back is?

I have no idea now. I thought it was like “throwback” lol. Like a nod to clips you made in the past. :expressionless: But I can look it up.

Rollback is a form of LAG where in the game progresses forward but lags backwards to a previous scenario. Thats what happened in the clip above.

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I love it when I hear the other player’s character make their death sound and yet magically, despite no life, they are still standing. I’ve lost matches thinking that I’ve won. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, usually when I try to replay the vid though the WHOLE match is desynced.

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