Rivaled! achievement still not popping

I know this was brought up in the old Forums, but wanted to raise it again as even with the Rash update, mine still hasn’t popped.

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Yeah, you’re not alone on this, mine still hasn’t popped up either.

when its going to be fixed nobody knows…

Yeah i was hoping the Rash update was going to fix it. Unfortunately it didn’t :frowning:

Not popping for me either.

Same here, nothing new on my end. Waiting still.

No achievement or profile background for me either. This needs a fix already.

As of 9/29 this is still broken, is there any clue as to a workaround or any chance of getting this fixed?! Almost every bug pertaining achievements I have run into. Save bug, shadow bug (to where I had to delete my shadows). I love this game but it’s insane to think that this game is so rife with cheevo bugs.

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Yeah, I can say I’m still in the same boat as you, and hope this issue is fixed now that they seem to be interested in patching and maintaining the game between the seasons. Hopefully with the 2.11 they seem to be hinting at to patch some of their other issues, it will also include a fix for this as well.

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I held off on completing Season 2 Story Mode due to this known bug. I thought maybe the 2.10 patch would have a silent update for this bug so I completed Story Mode.

Screenshot with mural and achievement snapped

still not popped for me. been months now

Yep, still waiting.

Add me to the list of people upset this still isn’t fixed.

sweet, thought I would come by and see if there was a response. Stoked there isn’t one! Keep up the good work IG!


Just wanting to keep this fresh in the developers minds.

Devs don t seem to give a sh.t. It’s been month, and no word about it. I begin to think they screwed it so bad they cannot fix it and hope we will forget it.

As of the 2.11 patch, the Rivaled achievement is still locked for me. Here’s a YT video showing this is a real bug.

YouTube Video showing locked Rivaled! achievement yet completed Season 2 Story Mode.

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Yep still f’d up!! rocking job! knew you could do it IG! and still no reply from any one working on this game about it! you guys are the best.

Just completed my last rival challenge tonight and no achievement. Didn’t even get the xp bonus. Aria #3 was the last one I did if anyone reads this.

With patch 2.12 I got the achievement to pop by viewing the S2 mural, but I seem to be missing the S2 profile card background. Is this a known glitch? I know it exists as I see people online with it.