Rising Thunder!

Oh hey team :grin:

Who among you cats are playing Rising Thunder? I’ve had a lot of fun with this game.

The lack of an execution barrier is controversial but it hasn’t bothered me a bit. Execution should, ideally, not be something you have to think about so its removal doesn’t really feel cheap from that perspective. The Kinetic mechanic is interesting, and having the flexibility to choose how it’s implemented in your match is pretty sweet. I like the feel of the normals and combos. It’s still in Alpha, and far from completion, but what’s there seems like a great basis for a sound 2D fighter. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a shot. It’s free.

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Yes! It’s great game! But sad, I have windows 7 laptop and it’s really worst lag. So, I’ll buy Windows 10 soon. : )

Who’s your main?

Edge!!! I still waiting for new characters.

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Word. I play Chel, and I’m dabbling in some Dauntless.

It’s tough to resist Edge at this time, he’s arguably the strongest in the game.

Yup, Edge is strong and fast. You use what kind of PC? Windows 8 or 10?

Windows 7, believe it or not. A Toshiba laptop at that.

I have it, but I’ve only played about a dozen matches so far. I haven’t picked a favorite character yet but I enjoyed what I played of it.

Windows 7? I have Windows 7 too but It’s very bad lag. Did you get lag or not?

I’ll occasionally get a dip in frame rate, but it’s OK most of the time.

I’ve played it, and I quite like it. I hate the keyboard controls (especially for blocking) so I set up a PS3 fightstick, which works great (thanks again MS for making the X1 fightstick the only fightstick on the market that won’t work with a PC…). I don’t play much because my PC setup just isn’t a place where I like to sit and play fighting games, but it’s definitely a cool game.

It’s funny, all the tournament pros will complain about low execution because it makes less coordinated people more competitive and it turns out the pros just like to win all the time. But I don’t have any problem with it. It should also be clear that - much like with KI - low execution barrier should not be confused with lack of depth. It seems like RT has plenty of depth and strategy to keep you involved without having to worry about spending hours training your fingers to learn 1-frame links or strange contortions.

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Hey all.

I just got started with Rising Thunder but it is nearly impossible for me to find matches, or learn how to improve at fighting games. Anyone here still play and could do a few sets with me to try and improve?