Rise of the Tomb Raider

Holy crap this game is amazing! And if you haven’t seen the trailer for the new Season pass DLC…
“Baba Yaga temple of the Witch” …check this out! WOW!

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I finished the main game last week. It was awesome. For sure doing story dlc and all side quests.

Off topic:
Hey @FallofSeraphs76 have you ever played the witcher 3 expansion ‘Hearts of Stone’ ? It is scary, sad but above all extremely well written. Better ending than most other games. The first time I didn’t want a dlc to end.

It looks awesome, and I’m really hoping to get a chance to play it. But right now I have like five games that I want to play more and I never get the time. I have to finish Wolfenstein, get to playing at least all of the modes in Battlefront, get gud at KI, finish Arkham Knight (I did the main story, but I haven’t gotten the Knightfall Protocol yet)… I will drop the money on this and then not finish it until 2019.

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I just started the regular Witcher game last week…I havent got back to it due to Ive been playing Rise of the tomb and Uncharted 3 non stop along with KI.

Im def going to make my way to it though!!! dont worry… Ill get there eventually!

I have all those games…trust me when i tell you…RIse is the best out of all of them…and its way better than the 1st Tomb raider…and that one was pretty good.

Game of the year!

(I have to finish ole Wolfenstein too!..and Strider…and a zillion other game lol)

Speaking of great games…i just down loaded Max:THe curse of Brotherhood…WOW!!! For a free game its awesome! Perfect to play with the kids!!!

@BigBadAndy you will def like Max and play with the kids man… my son is loving it. And its free!!

Actually, I have Max. We were really into it for a while, and then I think I had to travel for work and never went back to it. Add I to the list of things I need to get through…

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I believe you can do the DLC before completing the main game. I highly suggest it once you reach level 30 with your character.

I played the First Tomb Raider. Best Reboot ever. Seeing Lara again made my heart have a trip down Nostalga Lane. Can’t wait to get this one.

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I had some hope that Lara would be a guest…:cry:
Unfortunately, it’s weeks after Rise was release.

I could so see Lara stumble upon a Kan Ra tomb or venture into the Assassin’s cave :pensive:

But now we are even losing against an already dead system, that gets epic guests, and is soon to be replaced by a new system…

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I wouldn’t rule out Lara as a guest yet, but I don’t think it’s likely. I still can’t understand why they aren’t doing more cross promotions. Giving Orchid a Lara outfit seems like such a good idea to me. Give the KI players a chance to buy it or give it away free if you buy Rise of the Tomb Raider. I just don’t get it…

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Rise of the tomb raider is really good. Still looking for all the collectables and challenges. so many things to do. :smile:

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Level 30? Im right at the end… at the top of the tower…last camp site. Just waiting for a good night to finish it with no distractions… went back and got all the stuff…almost anyway…just have a few more coins and survival caches.

I will have it 99% by Sunday. I missed one of the challenges on SYRIA…and you cant go back to Syria…so i guess i missed that…no 100% for me!

Dont wait…just get it…and i promise it blows the reboot away!

I had a fun time with Tomb Raider, but I thought it was a little short and a little too easy. I never really got stumped, or stuck, on any one part.

I was hoping the Challenge Tombs would be more challenging as well. However, those tombs and the way she climbs reminded me a lot of God of War. I’m at 93% total completion right now and still having fun just looking for stuff. Doing the Chapter Replays Elite are fun too. Looking forward to the DLC.

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If you run through it without searching for everything it can be short…but if you stay in each area until complete… now that take some time!

I cant find that damn crow in the soviet installation! I heard it was a glitch that doesnt have it show up on some games. that and the syria challenge are the only 2 I dont have complete

Yeah I’m at 93% TOTAL completion, I’m definitely searching for everything, clearing out the map. Got my leopard skin bow all maxed out too.

The main story just seemed short. I’ll probably end up doing another play through on a harder difficulty. It just seemed like there weren’t many opponents in general and no real brain teasers. I was hoping for more complex puzzles. Really love Lara’s animations, VO, character model and controls though!

The bird showed up for me right away, but yeah I’ve read of other people’s frustrations of it not showing up.

I fond the White Widow Bow to be the best…honestly was dissapointed with the Grim Whisper leopard bow…its not really that good compared to the White widow.

There were a few challenges that got me… I had to go to youtube for some help!
FAGQ is a good video series for almost all games

She needs to be a guest character in KI.

That is the witcher’s DLC recommended level. Not Tomb raider lol

ohhhhh…ok…yeah Im just at the 1st Inn on Witcher lol… not far at all!