Riptor S3 Discussion

Added change list to OP
- CStyles45


[-] Jumping HK damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~40%
[-] Shoulder Charge Ender (Splat) damage reduced by ~10%
[-] Tail Flip Ender (Hard Knockdown) damage reduced by ~5%
[-] Corrected a bug causing a few of her Enders to build her small amounts of meter.
[-] Tail Flip and Air Tail Flip, both Light and Medium versions, slowed by 4 frames. Heavy versions slowed by 6 frames. Trajectories slightly adjusted for the new timings.
[-] Tail Flip damage no longer changes based on strength used, and all damage has been reduced to match the damage of the Light version.
[-] Tail Flip recovery has a taller Vulnerable box to make punishing it more intuitive.
[-] Added KV to Clever Girl to compensate for the fact that Ground Bounce KV penalty has been removed from the game.
[+/-] Close HP now counts as a projectile hitbox as expected.
[+/-] Predator LP now tags as an Opener so that combos after the Wall Splat function as expected.
[+/-] The ground version of Shadow Tail Flip will now get all five of its hits more reliably.
[+/-] Can no longer cancel out of Clever Girl on frame 15 into Specials or Normals. Can now cancel out of Clever Girl early at frame 12 into Normals or Runs.
[+] Reduced KV on Run Back HK and improved its launch trajectory to expand juggle opportunities.
[+] Run Back HP Flame Wall deals ~80% more damage.
[+] The running portion of Shadow Shoulder Charge now has 1 hit of armor.
[+] Jumping HK doesn’t bounce people away from you anymore, keeping them close enough for a followup attack.
[+] Crouching HK on juggle doesn’t push opponent away as far.
[+] Crouching HK is -5 on block instead of -15.
[+] Fixed a bug preventing you from using Primal Linkers after manual normals.
[+] Primal Linkers deal ~40% more damage to encourage using them in all levels of play.
[+] Predator Mode dashes are now projectile invulnerable on her top half as intended. It should be much easier to Predator dash under projectiles now.
[+] Run HK causes stagger instead of a knockdown.
[+] Predator Dash HP (Flame Arc) causes stagger.
[+] Standing LK causes Flipout, and has a slightly taller hitbox to assist with juggling.
[+] New Move: Flame Mortar! – Press and hold 3P to launch Flame Balls in a high arc at the opponent’s location, up to 3 in a series.

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Personally I look forward to all the great potential you can get with her even more now. More neat ways to rip up my opponent.

And while I had no real trouble using clever girl to anti-air my opponents I look forward to the morater, maybe if you ger someone who just stands back you really lay on the assault with fireballs covering you.

The change won’t take a lot to get use to but least we have something to force sadira players to change their strategy.

The mortars, the fire damage buffs, the wall bounce, the stagger…
This is gonna be fun
Open the door, get on the floor, overpowered robot dinosaur <3

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I spoke to FiyahLiger on twitter and he said Tailflips are dead in season 3. This makes me really sad because THE MOST fun thing to do with Riptor was to land a 50/50 Tailflip. Probably the best feeling for me in KI were landing Tailflips and if I was feeling REALLY yolo i’d keep them going if I knew the opponent couldn’t defend.

Definitely love the Flame motors for anti-airs. And I dont mind her HP, HK nerfs. But tailflips being slower really hurts.

Muy bueno, mi casa.

…wait a second. :confused:


I know just how you feel. All because people couldn’t know how to step forward and block it. But I just realized that this is probably not final so we can expect some tweaks.

And now that I think I’m not a fan of the jumping HP nerfs anymore since it’s so easy to shadow counter…

All I can say if you’re a riptor player that has relied on flips for damage, you going to have to change your style of approach now.

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I didn’t use tail-flip often except maybe to use as a mix up against turtling opponents. not exactly much mix up potential now save for alternating between crotching hp and standing hp etc.

honestly I don’t think Riptor will need tailflip anymore, provided we have a safer sweep, better way to avoid projectiles, flip-out mixups will be extremely strong, better juggles, ability to confirm a combo from jump HK, Mortars (Which might even be able to make Tailflip safe-ish if it hits after the flip) the dash HK starting a combo, dash predator also starting a combo with the improved ability to do that under a projectile, better damage potential in Lock-out with improved linkers (hopefully)

Basically the tail-flip gimmick was removed in favor of gaining new approach options and even stronger mixup potential and followups.

That’s true, though I admit, it does kinda pain me that not all of Riptor’s tools will be useful anymore like her tail flip, especially since that was such an iconic move of hers. But hey all to look forward to.

I think once season3 launches, I’ll jump into the lab with my bro and experiment on some combos.

Run-Away pressure, Flame Mortar, while Predator Dashing toward your Opponent spacing them, making them walk back and block. Just the idea makes the battlefield fun asf.

Only time I used TailFlip mix-up spam was when the Opponent was being a Mashing-Noobmiester. I play Riptor very footsies, Predator Cancel based Mix-ups, Pressure, Wall Bouncer, Knockdown type. However that playstyle of her can be blown up by Overly aggressive braindead button mashing. So you destroy players like that with Lock-Downs and TailFlips spam. It’s not exactly fun because it’s so easy to alter what point you’ll flip that even I can be caught off guard for about 2 or 3 flips so I understand how others had a hard time. I welcome this Nerf.

What I’m OD excited for is her Stagger, Oh man. I love using Flame Arc, and now I have an excuse to use Run-HK more aswell. Especially with the Mortars. I hope the Mortars are over-heads. lol

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it’s not likely they are overheads, that would just be stupid.

Flip out in my opinion is the biggest thing, due to how easy it is to get a ground bounce to start the flip out (clever girl, jumping HK, run away HK might be able to as well, and maybe even new ones) and how well flip out compliments predator stance in general.

Can you imagine all the people who are gonna get Run-Grabbed while the Mortars are on Screen?

True that Riptor does have alot of trouble of dealing with highly aggressive ness and she is unable to deal with. that’s generally why when I put on pressure I wait once my opponent is on the ground, unless it’s a hard knock down.

No way to be sure if ya ask me.

I’m disappointed there’s no instinct changes. Much of the cast got instinct changes that to me were less necessary than riptors.
At the very least I was hoping that the extra recovery frames were removed from instinct, because as it still stands Riptors instinct makes her worse.


I was hoping buffs to her instinct as well. Like pre-patch flame carpet during instinct or faster recovery like you said.

I was hoping the same.

Not by much especially since in Instinct she gets an increase in range. Which is useful for tail attacks at a distance. Even your fire blasts can hit from afar.

Just so you know what I mean I would suggest checking back run HK in practice mode while in instinct vs. outside of instinct.

One of the s3 changes they show off come from using back run HK multiple times with juggles potential. But with Riptors instinct her back run HK has too much recovery to have any follow up at all.