Riptor in Need of Buff?

I had posted this in the character section earlier as I wanted to make sure Im not the only one that thinks this, and from the looks of things Im not. PaulB has also mentioned that Riptor is low tier in the past. I have to say after putting so much time into her its pretty frustrating that she has so many weaknesses and bad matchups. Ill probably eaither switch back to Sabrewulf or wait for a Season 3 character to get my attention, but i remain hopeful that they will make Riptor a little more viable because as she stands, she isnt that hard to counter.

Ive practically made Riptor my main since she launched replacing my Sabrewulf. I tend to go back and forth on if I should have done that because in the time ive invested in her I could have gained more experience with Wulf as I find him to be a much better overall character.

All in all I think Killer Instinct is a very balanced game with characters that have strengths and weaknesses, good matchups and bad matchups. However in terms of Riptor I find she has far too many weaknesses. First off she doesn’t appear to have great normals. She has a few good knockdown options, but nothing great in terms of stopping people using frame traps a lot.

Then on top of that she doesnt have great anti-air either. Her best anti-air in my experience is her back dash tail. When hit, it works great, but hard to pull off when people are spamming the up button right in front of you.

Her flame carpet which is arguably her best attribute tends to be weak as well because its so easy to take it away from her. Seeing as how much of the cast can easily just DP their way out of it, it will keep you on the defensive more often than not which keeps you from applying pressure. That isnt even mentioning how easy you can just jump out of the fire upon wakeup making it almost useless unless you predict their jumping and meet them in the air.

Another great attribute of hers is her mixups with her tail flip. Jumping over somebody with this move can really throw people off their guard, but it is one of the most yolo moves in the game and not that difficult to read.

I do feel she needs some kind of buff personally, but that is just my opinion. How do you all feel about her?

To me her biggest problem came when they removed the plus frames on her crouching HP. Yes the loop it allowed needed to be removed but they should have fixed it differently. When she lost those plus frames she lost so many mix ups and pressure options.

I’m writing from the perspective of a mid level player who doesn’t main Riptor - so take my thoughts for what they are worth.

Like any character, I occasionally bump into a lights out Riptor expert who makes it seem like te character has no weaknesses. Putting that aside, my experience playing as Riptor and against people closer to my skill level suggests that Riptor is a pressure character that relies on deception. You are never too sure what she’s going to do. This does lead to some YOLO stuff, but some of Riptors attacks are tricky to read and punish too. That’s her main advantage.

I can see this evaporating in high level tournament play, but Riptor already has some very tricky setups with flame carpet and crossovers that are very difficult to avoid - at least in my experience. I think it would be tough to buff her and keep her balanced for… Every day mid tier matches. I know the theory is to balance at the top and let it trickle down to people who should just “get gud,” but keep in mind the fact that most KI matches occur between people who are not tournament level players.

Maybe IG can figure out some small adjustments that only impact high level play.

I agree with Andy. I find myself to be pretty good with Riptor and I don’t even main her. I feel she is very easy to pick up and use compared to most other characters and the few who do main Riptor are pretty damn ferocious with her and extremely hard to beat.

I honestly think right now the game is well balanced and it really boils down to what you as a player can do and what tricks you have up your sleeve.

I honestly dont think anyone needs a buff or nerf at the moment. Maybe fix some bugs, but that’s it.

Now I main Omen, and forever and ever i thought he was too weak, low tier…but i have learn a lot of new things with manuals and other set ups… I feel he is pretty damn good now…if you know what to do with him. Same goes for Riptor.

Anyway that’s my thoughts

I think Riptor is fine. She has some bad MU’s and definitely has her flaws, but she largely functions as intended I think, and is still viable at high level.

Her gameplan in general is just very gimmicky, and her gimmicks are pretty punishable. But I think that’s ok - not every character is meant to be a footsies-based fundamental master. Certain characters risk more with their mixups or have to rely more heavily on them, and Riptor is one of those. That said, she does get solid damage off those gimmicks, and her pressure game is nothing to sneer.

And as someone who doesn’t play anyone with an invincible reversal, I have to say flame carpet is actually pretty damn good. :-p