Riptor Doll 2.0

So some of you may have seen my Riptor doll my girlfriend made for me that I brought to the KI World Cup.

This cute thing is 2 years old now and my girlfriend has decided to upgrade it. Currenlty in progress is Riptor Doll 2.0

I will post updates as it comes along.


That is cute! I am excited to see what the final version will be.

Man that doll is cute I want one.

Very neat and cool (made-up) Riptor plush/plushie doll you got there man :slight_smile: :grin:

YYYYESSS I love!!! I’m so glad to see other people with such a strong connection to their mains, haha. My friend made me a WONDERFUL Glacius plush for Christmas that I absolutely adore, and always have out sitting next to me while I tackle freelance and other artistic business. Observe:

Anyways, really looking forward to seeing the new Riptor! Tell your girlfriend her work is great!!


I give her your regards. I remember you posting that Glacius a while ago and thought it was awesome! So fluffy looking.

Now decided to ask this: Why does your (home-made) Glacius plush/plushie doll have an elongated nose? :confused:

… Do you honestly not know the difference between his nose and his chin, or is this just passive-aggressive nitpicking on the stylization? Because if the latter that’s rude as heck, and you should really think more about what you type before you post it.

  1. Yes, I really AND honestly thought that was Glacius’s nose
  2. No, I was NOT trying to nitpick at all
  3. Above all AND most importantly, I now duly apologized for my post/comment AND if I sounded/come across as being rude to you also on your Glacius plush doll. And it’s okay if you don’t wish to accept my apology and I can totally understand that :sweat: :pensive:

P.S. If you want, you can have Glacius rained his Hailstorm right on top of me

Hey man, no worries! Sometimes I just have to be sure, based on past interactions in this forum lol, and my friend put a lot of work into doing this for me so I’m naturally going to be protective of that. I appreciate the apology a lot, and am totally cool now that we’ve cleared things up!

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I hope the new one isn’t cursed.




A true Riptor player!

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