Right so this is a major issue and could ruin online

I was simply testing to see if this was accounted for, but I feel like this might ruin online and i’m likely not the 1st to try this, now we have KI on pc we get nifty little things called macros, now I own a keyboard that has macros, I can program upto 18 of them! so imagine I spent time on this? it could cause some devastating effects. Devs are you able to stop this in anyway? I won’t be using it online because it ruins the point of online, but there will be some idiot kid somewhere who will. Now I know this isn’t fool proof, but with work (like being able to cancel the macro to be able to start a new one) someone could create a monster. watch the video and you’ll see.

Players have been able to use macros on the Xbox One version for a long time now (you can, say, program CronusMax to do macros for you).

I think the only time it would actually help in a game like KI is for one-button anti-air DP and maybe a few “walk forward and whiff punish” type things. The rest of the game isn’t really built around the style of gameplay where one button is extremely better than a motion + a button. This would be more of a problem in a game like SF, where you have double QCF motions for supers and a macro would help a lot there.

If there’s going to be trouble with programmable stuff, it will be if/when people are able to read the game state at 60fps and program instant answers to every button. This has never been a widespread issue in any online fighting game, though, so I’m skeptical that KI will be the first.

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Here is the apocalypse i warned everyone about!
Its here!
Whose laughing now?
Trick question, its NONE OF US.

But seriously though, this needs to be fixed.
Dirty PC users can KILL Killer instinct completely if stuff like this keeps happening.

While I would consider that cheating it probably wouldn’t do well in higher ranks. Combo Breakers would stop any momentum and it seems as though it doesn’t combo break for you, at least not accurately. Assisst mode basically does what macros seems to be doing which is remove the need to use the directional inputs of a special move and all you would need to do is hit buttons. That also won’t get you very far passed silver rank though.

It wouldn’t be too bad. Ki’s not built in a way that something like that would be much of a factor. If someone used a macro to land a 20+ hit combo, for example, the pattern would be easily recognisable & the combo would be broken, leaving the opponent to flail about finishing out the macro commands while getting heavily punished.

Rank doesnt matter, if an exploit causes an unfair experience for ANYONE it should be dealt with

Exactly what I thought about Assist Mode yet it’s in the game. Macros seems to be doing the same thing which is allowing someone to do combos with just a few button presses. It isn’t much different. Macros is worse in which it won’t help the player actually enjoy the game.

Ok but what about instances like this from abuot 19 seconds in, not even having to bother trying and then pull some crap like this off? and do it EVERY time, while higher ranks may be able to play against this, I don’t want to be playing against bots (effectively) online and then some ■■■■■■■ kid gloating in a PM how he owned me becauase they setup some kyle difficulty style macros

None of that seems very broken. Until that part where Sadira was carrying her opponent with the web traps but I think they were made combo breakable after the first one. Look up Tswagg with Sadira. Most Sadira players use her webs in a similar, well actually more annoying manner.

These guys and anyone who uses this stuff probably doesn’t want to stick around lower ranks so I think you would be safe. Trust me, there are more bigger things you’ll rage about. Kan Ra, Shago with his cheap anhilation, and new Glacius will make you wish people used bots.

Before combo breaker training was added I would go into training mode & use the record option to throw out long chains of combos so I could get better at combo breaking, & even then it got predictable fairly quickly, and when I broke a combo the computer player would go ahead & finish out the commands, leaving them wide open for attack.

So yeah, i really dont see how it would be too serious of an issue .

What I saw in the clip: Same repetitive combos, numerous combo-break opportunities, blows out combos constantly (so no cashed out damage), and never performs counter-breakers. This, to me, is 1 of the easiest fights in the world to win at.

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Yeah the way KI is built this kind of stuff doesn’t really matter. In fact it makes beating them easier due to predictability. Heck I’d be happy if a Sadira wasted her instinct just juggling me with webs.

If anything the built in combo assist is much more “unfair” than this.

thats because i only spent 2 seconds recording that one combo, i could have easily set up 18 of them, pushed all the buttons and let it go, also they can be canceled so i could return input to me to perform combo breakers if needed, I didn’t want to spend time setting that up though since i’m not going to use it.

Go pick Sadira in practice mode and try it for yourself, it’s just hitting HP+HK over and over again. It’s far from the best thing Sadira can use her instinct for.

There are a lot of youtube videos about SF4 players playing against someone called ‘toolassisted’ or something. He (or she) plays Abel who has a loop combo which isn’t possible to do for a human.
Look at how they react. They just laugh about it. It is fun to watch and they don’t even get salty most of the time. Loosing against that doesn’t matter. And winning like that neither.
Fortunately KI is the one fighter were tool assists don’t mean sh*t.

Honestly is there that much of a difference between that or using combo assist? Combo assist has more variety to it and maybe I’m just thinking of dial a combos with single button presses but I don’t see how that gives anyone an unfair advantage. how does the macro react when opponent blocks?

Those tool assisted things in SF5 are stupid and people just usually roll their eyes at it because they’re not difficult to beat or anything. Not defending this but honestly there’s not much that can be done in the game to restrict macros. It’s mimicking actual complete imput and all that.

I’ve seen people do that in tournament.

I really think that this is one of those things you are going to have to prove. go through ranked and just “macro” your why into killer or something.

IMO, this really isn’t that big of a deal. KI is different from other games in that if you do the same combo over and over again, you get broken. Sure you can have like 18 preprogramed combos, but the more you play, the more you catch on, and the more obvious certain combos are.

Question though: how well does / would this help in neutral type situations? What about on defense? If you can continuously be meated and then not able to break the inevitable combo, how will this help if you are consistently being blown up by 40%+ combos?

If marco bots are really affecting you this much then you need to do more about your gameplay then bringing this topic up. The architecture of the game punished repetition.