Ridiculous ways to deal with your frustration

What’s the most ridiculous thing you have done out of frustration from losing to ur opponent? Don’t lie people! I’ve read some of you get mad from losing on another post.

Here are a few ridiculous things I’ve done:

  1. Punch myself in the face in real life
  2. Pound on the top of my head (I shouldn’t)
  3. Punch my fightstick
  4. Wrap the power cord around my neck
  5. Almost eye gouging myself

I seriously need a better way to deal with my losses. Especially if the fights were frustrating as hell.

I contain my salt in a small shaker, so I can pour it on the food I’m making.

… Isn’t that the normal way to deal with your salt?


No. You’re supposed to rub it in your wounds.


The worst I’ve done is drop my controller and the usual cursing but nothing worse than that

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You should get a stress ball or something to deal with the salt

If I lose like 5 times with a character I’m learning, I switch to one of my mains so the salt won’t get the best of me. Keep calm and get your head in the game.

But there’s always those guys that leave as soon as they see you want to select character, if you’re playing exhibit that is.

Give it like 5 - 10 seconds then quickly switch to character select. If they leave oh well; but if they stay, they want a serious fight.

Play fighting games.

But it’s something extra I need nearby.

When I am “really” frustrated and salty I beat on my bed and scream into a my pillow then exercise again.

Fortunately I never had that level of rage. My most memorable act of rage was around 2015, I was salty at MKX and I punched my keyboard it cracked at the bottom a little. I still use it though xD

I mostly dont get mad over losing, but over lags because they ruin game for me and my opponent.

Unless I lose to Glacius, I hate him to the core and he makes me curse out loud.

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Damn. I’m a Glacius main and I’ve witnessed a lot of hate messages lol.

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Main Sadira, and the hate messages will hit Max Level. :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of getting angry. I once uninstalled KI and hid the entire game in retaliation to losing to a (at that time) known lag switcher. The guy was a total troll and very good at what he was doing. I ended up playing the guy 4 times in a row. He taunted and teabagged between each lag. I had reported him and blocked him after the first match. I had believed that I could still block people. Nope. It was trash. All the work I did lost to a cheater.

I then learned that you couldn’t block people (something I still believe is wrong) and it hacked me off so I uninstalled KI. I didn’t come back to it for a week.

The only other time I got really salty was when I got a KI bug after the Aganos patch that caused my stats and Rank to randomly reset. I was literally having to requalify every other day. I’d just get back to killer and BOOM, back to Qualifying again. I uninstalled KI and wrote a very hot letter on the message board, as before my little triad it seemed like none of the staff would respond to my reports. Needless to say, they reached out to me, and sadly, I ended up having to completely wipe all of my saved game data taking all of my Level 50 characters to 0 and I literally had to start over from scratch. I lost my Platinum KI symbol for completing all trials in S1. I lost the complete S1 story mission poster and all my S2 progress. Needless to say, I didn’t touch KI for nearly two months after that one.

Honestly though, if I’m really getting frustrated, I quit playing. You should never harm yourself over a game.

This is probably my new favorite exchange on the forums.

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Depends of the opponent. If i have a personal vendetta, well i get mad, but never punched myself or broke any controls…

Btw lol;

I’ve banged on my fight stick with my hand a bunch of times, nothing too major, just on the wooden part like “Oh FFS!” thump

…Usually followed by a swift slap on my arm from my fella shouting at me to not hit a £150 fight stick in case it ruins the contacts, he is of course, correct, which is even more frustrating as I really annoy myself when I do it anyway, but it just comes from being caught up in the moment. However, I’m not throwing controllers across the room or anything. :slight_smile:

I beat my kid.

What? He can take it. He’s got a pretty mean Shago for a 12 year old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When people spam moves

I go to a corner and meditate like a fool.

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