RGL Entertainment New KI Coverage Channel


What am I seeing?


Yeah…no idea here either…

Um… Care to explain?

Agreed. An explanation is needed.

There’s a giant 22 on the picture, so I’m guessing RGL is planning something this Thursday following the Shadow Lords official release. Otherwise, I’m too tired to decipher riddles.

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Or he only responds when we hit 22 replies.

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I’m having Sombra-ARG flashbacks.

You heard em’ folks, start spamming this thread.


Judging by the fact that it has shago and master chief in the background, I’m going to say this is some type of multi-game tournament. As for the 22, the 22nd tournament? 22 competetors?

Can @ZDhome shine some light on this? You seem to be involved in some way.

Both of them are on my friends list, and neither has said a word to me about ANYTHING in weeks. :’(

So suspicious.

He’s made another post, a motivational video about KI. It also announces that ‘the lazy gamers’ won’t be making anymore KI content, with an event called ‘everything changes’ happening on the 22nd of September, presumably when the content will end.

I messaged you about the 8bbd.

Well, that’s still not much…


We will talk soon.

Anyway… back on topic…

The motivational video was nice - I particularly liked the Rocky speech, but then again, I couldn’t place the rest.

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Is there one?

That is the topic. :wink:

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22 bottles of beer on the wall,… 22 bottles of beer…