Rewards are broken

For the past week, I had had a serious glitch in single player. The daily rewards section does not update. It is just stuck at day 72 no matter what I do. It says that all current rewards have been unlocked, but will nto allow me to progress. I have restarted the game, let it run overnight, restarted the console. Does anyone know a fix?

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Please post int eh BUG thread and tag @snickerdoodle or @TotalJimkata to get the ball rolling on these issues.
Rewards are owrking fine for me… can you take a Xbox clip and post on here?

Hey @VanFaulk! I’m on Day 4 of this crippling problem, (which includes Shin Hisako being locked, no rewards, cannot connect to other players, loss of 2XP Season 3 bonus, etc.), and I think that I just figured it out!

Our problems do not seem like they are caused by KI- It looks like Xbox Live has been borked for days now. Check out the “Xbox Live Status” page on, and you’ll find this nasty message:

It’s not just KI: Forza is a ghost town, and I played the most pathetic game of Gears that I’ve ever seen with one other dude on the opposing team and a bunch 'o bots. Lord knows what’s going on behind the scenes, but surely the Xbox Live Team has to know that things are going haywire. Here’s hoping that it’ll all get fixed up soon… :beers:


How do I tag specific users?

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I have the same issue, please if anyone know how to fixed it I need help. (Sorry for my english)

I have the same issue, stuck in day 34 for about 2 weeks.

2 weeks, the same time that i cant play KI online!