Reviewing a MadCatz TE2 Killer instinct Stick

Hi everyone,

I appologise if this seems rather off topic, but if the mods want to move this, please feel free. I just thought this would be a good place to ask.

Some context:

For a while, I have been running a website where I review products for accessibility, as well as posting guides etc for other games (updating as and when I have time). Having a primary focus on fighting games, I’ve wanted to review a fight stick since the site’s conception. However, regardless of who I’ve been talking to I’ve been getting relatively nowhere with obtaining one. I’ve heard good things about the Killer Instinct TE2 from MadCatz and was wondering if anyone knew who I could talk to other than/in addition to Markman, as after he said he’d look into finding someone from the PR department for me to talk to, I have only had a response wishing me the best and saying he can’t help as he’d not involved with the reviews/pr side of things. That and their form isn’t actually helpful for a site like mine that isn’t sponsoured by a team etc, just me trying to review it for informational purposes.

I am still interested in reviewing this stick to assist people who might not be able to try it up close and/or might have a visual impairment and won’t know how things like modding the stick for parts would work/how easy it is.

I submitted a review request via their form, but it’s not the most helpful of resources as stated above due to the specific nature of my reviewing style/reason for reviewing the product, in addition to their stipulation of a 30 day waiting time after submission to see if you even get to review the item(s). That and I prefer to negotiate with companies directly whereever possible to accurately convey the fact that the publicity I am willing to provide is reaching an audience that most companies don’t normally reach directly.

If anyone can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me - I would be happy to review items for the community in terms of accessibility or to at the very least describe the item for people who can’t see it before they get their hands on it themselves. For example, I’m looking to talk to Ultimate Source to see whether I can get hold of the KI figures when they become available next year and review those (partly because I know other people who might purchase these figures but might not be able to examine them to see how much physical detail is there to enhance the view of the characters).

I appologise if I’m not making my self clear enough :smiley: