We have seen rash retro and arbiters I think it’s time we see Kim’s and tusks! I also don’t see how tusk can look much different other then a changes of pants

I saw Rash’s Retro but didn’t catch Arbiters, care to post it?

Well with Tusk can you imagine they bring back his original tan and strip his beard with brighter and golden hair. Also make all his clothing made of animal hide and fur.

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He never had a beard, So his retro better not have one.

I know, that’s why I said strip his beard.

Yea, really hoping for a classic barbarian look again for his Retro. Can’t wait to see his accessories too. So curious about all his different sword types!


In Tusk’s retro’s I hope for beardless, longer haired and or ponytail, and loincloth over cargo pants.

[quote=“oTigerSpirit, post:2, topic:5432”]
strip his beard with brighter and golden hair.
[/quote]Sorry, But that part just confuses me in the way you wrote it.

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