Retro riptor tail

Couldn’t there be a way they could cover the metal links in the tail ? It would effectively be the exact same thing as it is now , the metal separations would still be there just as they are now , but just covered up. I wonder how hard it would be to just add a layer of skin over the metal to make it blend in with the rest of the body ? Of course it would still extend and all that , but it would just look wayyyyyyy better. I know people are probably gonna be like why even worry about such an old issue , but I just am kind of curious about whether that could ever happen.

It’s apart of the skeleton I think. Anything layered on it would have the texture stretched and look bad. Unless the skeleton itself is changed(which can’t happen because it affects normal Riptor skeleton)

It’s the same reason why retro cinder has normal cinders claws

I dont know much about Riptor, but I think they had to leave metal elements on his tail because it may be related to visual indicator of Instinct activated.

Yeah I knew about those things . But just figured they could simply add a layer of his textured skin over the links , but yeah it may look a bit weird when it extended and all. Idk why but personally the metal tail just ruins the whole thing for me. I know that’s ridiculous but for some reason it just does.

I suspect they considered this and probably discarded it because it would look awful. They just decided to accept the idiosyncratic (with the old games and retro design) metal sections instead.

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So having it stretch out the texture between segments would look better? It would look deformed as hell.