Retro Gargos to Rebooted Gargos in story?

Seeing Gargos’ new form, I wonder how this change happened to him in the story? Could this transformation relate to how his wings glow green?

Maybe in Tusk’s story, Gargos fought Tusk in his old form but later cast out in the astral plane of hell.

Just a theory.

I suppose they could do this, although they don’t have to. It’s just a costume, after all, unless somewhere Ultra Tech has a storage hangar full of toy robot Fulgores.

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Considering what we got in the IRL toygore wouldn’t be that crazy

Some of the retros connect in Season 2 backstories.

ARIA’s retro is her first prototype body, the retro Riptors are “stalker” units that went out of control, Mk. 2 Fulgore is the Fulgore that TJ fought, etc.

Granted, this one doesn’t have to.


True. Maybe Gargos simply evolved out of his nose.

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To be completely honest, the retros WERE just random alternate costumes when they were created but when they did season 2’s story they decided to recycle assets and use them instead of making new content for the cutscenes.

For example showing retro Glacius in one scene, however we know Glacius’ race is the rocky being UNDER the jelly suit yet his retro doesn’t even have that. Honestly I wouldn’t take any of the retros as canon, it was just more convenient for them to make use of them in the story sections.

You could say his retro is what he always looked like in the story of S1 and S2, but his default costume is actually his new Final From. (Something something DragonBallz…)

My theory, Gargos’ growing control over the universe is slowly morphing him into a beast of horror. The more power that goes to him, the more wicked looking he becomes. Granted, it doesn’t look like he minds, afterall transforming makes him lose his nose, 2 toes, and forces him to grow monstrous horns out of his body for some reason.

I mean Eyedol was originally a dude who got turned into an Orc. I guess being a Shadow Lord just means they make you strong and OP, but they also make you extremely ugly when the power goes to your head.

Honestly I would probably like his retro almost as much as his new form if he had some horns or spikes on his bald head but no IG decided to stay true to his original look that’s it I’m quitting KI again.