Retro 7?

Did anyone get the retro 7 for pre-ordering Season 3? I didn’t get mine yet. How can I access it? Thanks.

They could not be available yet.

What did you just call me?!

In all seriousness, Retro Color 7’s come in a future update.

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lol hoe :smile:

Hopefully we get them soon, I want to be Luchadore Smurf Tusk.

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I have not pre-ordered season 3, but i will get the ultra edition soon. Did i miss out on anything?

Is there still a way i can get the retro colors and the KI gold?

Yes they are still available.

Do i just buy directly from the store? Or is there a “pre-order” button somewhere that i have to click for the bonuses?

when you purchase it from the store, the gold and everything else will come with Season 3

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Also note the Bonus Retro Color 7 for Season 3 characters is always available!