Respect the 50/50 Game of Aganos in Instinct!

An often under utilized tool of Aganos is his ability to hit you either with an overhead or low while in Instinct with the Peacemaker. Put the fear into your opponent and watch their life slip away!


I’ve known about this mechanic for weeks and have been using it to great affect - unlike you did in your clip however, if I have the peacekeeper, I use d+HP instead of d+HK, since it does more damage and has greater range.

True on both accounts, however, if I’m in D+HK range, I opt to use it instead. It comes out 4 frames faster plus it won’t take away 1 of the 3 hits the peacemaker gets per use regardless of hit or block.

Personal preference.

Hehe… @0:18 you had them so flustered that they forgot to block the rocks (though it was unlikely that they’d have survived anyhow…) :sweat_smile:

Looked like botched slide inputs to me. He might have attempting to full screen slide into ultra for the win.

Yeah you’re right, otherwise the little strut wouldn’t have made sense.

I know I’ve recently had an Aganos shake me up unto the point of botched inputs… cough @LeoFerreis cough


I realized that after watching your clip - I tried it in practice mode shortly after and think I’ll likely use it more often as a result too. :wink:

Aganos is a true TITAN alright :grin: :wink:

You should hear me over the mic when I have an Aganos mirror match: “TITAN BATTLE!!!” :smile:

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Yeah, but mine sounds better. :yum:

I actually love that you made Orchid feel trapped with no Walls lol. She could have just Walked back out of the range of those attacks to get mentally prepared.

This is a battle I won ENTIRELY from Footsies. I love Agga-Footsies.