(Resolved) No KI Gold, Eagle not selectable

Two MAJOR issues

My KI gold has been wiped out ( I had several thousand still )
and Eagle is not purchaseable or selectable and does not appear on any menu.

Not sure how I go about fixing this but this is pretty significant.

Edit: Got my stuff restored a few hours ago. Still wonder what happened though.

Wow, KI gold and all Shadow points have been scrubbed as well. Been awhile since I played but wasn’t aware these things decayed. I think something has gone wrong here.

The few hundred KI Gold I had also disappeared, though I CAN select Eagle now that things have somewhat been sorted out on PC. I haven’t checked my Shadow points yet, though.

EDIT: I do still have my Shadow Points.

I’m missing over 18000 ki gold as well. Eagle does work on mine though .

Yeah, me too. I had around 10000+ KI Gold and it’s gone now. I was keeping it saved up for double xp weekends and stuff to buy boosters.

my KI gold and astral gems were wiped. shadow points too probably but i didn’t check on those.

if yall are on PC which im assuming yall are. There were some issues with the pc patch. up until 6:30pm cst on the KI twitter they addressed it and are working hard to fix the issue. please be patient guys and gals

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Everything I have in shadow lords is gone. My several hundred ki gold, my astral gems, artifacts, guardians I’ve purchased, even some progress in my archives has been lost. I’m very upset to say the least. I was on my way to getting all the achievements and then this happens.

ppl still buy double exp?!?!?! lol ok. well fyi if you own DE you have double exp always

I’m not on pc, this happened on my xbox.

your the 1st i have heard on xbox have this issue

It stacks. On double XP weekends you get X4 experience with a booster.

I can’t be the only 1

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yes i know it stacks. just suprised yall watse ki gold on it i would get everything else i could with it before boosters…

@Conphusing didnt say you were only one just the 1st i have heard on xbox having this issue. its been all pc ppl that i have seen.

I know you didn’t say that. I’m just saying I’m sure someone else will report it happening to them on the xbox soon

Same for me all 18,000 KI Gold gone. I hope this is a bug and its not gone for good.

That’s crazy. That’s like losing real money out of your pocket from a damn glitch.

Me too!! everything in Shadow Lords is gone!! my KI gold!! I spend money in that and now is gone!!! someone knows how to fix it??

Can confirm that I’m having the same issue. KI Gold gone, shadow points gone, but Eagle is playable.