Reset thread?

hey guys I’m trying to learn how to do resets on killer instinct and I wanted to know how to do them and like tips on trying to do them and who has the most resets or does all characters have resets. And also I wanted to see like vids of resets and stuff. thanks.

Yes. I need help too. I definitely want to improve on my Jago, Hisako, and Mira resets.

yea I didn’t know resets were possible until I was playing in lobby and I noticed how the player kept on hitting me and the combo kept on finishing lol

Resets are really just that: resetting your combo. Instead of going for an ender, mid combo, after an opener if you want to avoid breakers altogether or after a linker if you just want to take your chances for a bigger cash out with fewer breaking points, simply time an attack so that it will hit right as your opponent recovers from hitstun (timing just slightly later than a manual) and if your opponent doesn’t block you get the chance to open a new combo.

Most successful resets will be into an overhead/low mix-up, into a command grab ou even into a normal grab if that’ll kill or open a new combo.

Advantages of going for a reset: pile on potential damage for a bigger cash out, give fewer opportunities to break, disrupt your opponent’s breaking patterns and force them to try and block/jump out mid combo.

Disadvantage: they are not, obviously, guaranteed, so you risk losing your chance to end the combo.

I’d say it’ll be more worth it going for resets from an opener that doesn’t give you that much potential dmg off the bat, since the reset will allow you to exponentially increase your damage output if successful, and if you don’t succeed you won’t have wasted too much of a cash out anyway.

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If you attempt manual a lot…you unknowingly due resets often. If you drop a combo due to a late manual, you end up starting a new combo via reset.

Just practice stopping you combo and then restarting via a crouching light kick hit confirm into opener and continue with your reset combo.

It would be nice for some members to post up some examples videos for certain characters.

I kan make a couple of visa :smiley:

Resets are usually better for characters with overheads, characters than can cross up, and characters that can get combos off their throws. Ignoring flip outs and a lot of the more complicated reset into pressure or throw reset into mix up or wallsplat cross up resets or advantage enders etc. etc. The most basic of basic resets for the cast are:

Jago: Reset with overhead/low, reset with throw into juggle combo.
Wulf: Reset with overhead/low, reset with dash through mix up.
Glacius: Reset with shatter, reset with cross up puddle punch.
Thunder: Reset with overhead/low, reset with regular throw, reset with instinct dash cross up.
Sadira: Reset with with instinct web into cross up.
Orchid: Reset with overhead/low.
Spinal: Reset with overhead/low, reset with run cancel into teleport mix up.
Fulgore: Reset with overhead/low.
TJ: Reset with overhead/low, reset with command grab.
Kan-ra: Reset with command grab if scarabs are there to catch.
Riptor: Reset with dropped manual into predator mix up, reset with tail flip cross up.
Omen: Reset with throw if you can combo after it.
Aganos: Reset with overhead though everyone will just block high against him 90% of the time anyway.
Hisako: Reset with command grab, reset with tiger knee orz.
Cinder: Reset with overhead/low. Reset with grab if you have pyrobomb on them.
Aria: Reset with overhead/low.
Shago: Reset with grab, reset with manualed forward HK into either grab, dash through DP, or divekick mix up.
Kim wu: Not sure, haven’t played her much.
Arbiter: Reset overhead/low, reset with grab if they have a grenade on them.
Tusk: Not sure, haven’t played him much.
Rash: Reset with overhead/low, reset with throw if in instinct.
Mira: Reset with overhead/low.
Gargos: Reset with command grab.
Raam: Resets really aren’t worth it with him.

After any linker or auto double, you have “+ frames”. This means that if you stop your combo, you will recover faster than your opponent. (Just like with other safe moves.)

A good “reset” means taking advantage of these frames by STOPPING your combo to start a move that will hit the opponent after they recover, but before that can make a move of their own, when they least expect it. (if you know what a “frame trap” is, then think of it like a frame trap after a combo. )

All these people on the thread are right, but people are forgetting how important flipouts are to reset characters. Basically when you flipout someone with the characters that utilize it you have plus frames on them making them choose from one of three options on guess: Block high, block low, or tech a grab. On characters like TJ and Riptor you have another option: Crossup. Of course you can cross up with any character, but I mean moves that aren’t MK like specials that are meant to cross up. TJ can roll under opponents to cross them up and theoretically has a cross up low attack, or the more common one is target combo->blockstring. Some will say that these are just mixups but I’d call it a reset.

If you really want to get good at resets, just let the shoulder buttons on your Xbox controller break. The delay from the faulty button will practically reset for you!

Just don’t expect any of your normal combos or enders to work. :unamused:

Seriously, why MS design those buttons with a lever mechanism like that?

You might get a better/more directed response if you narrowed down what you want. Videos of “all resets” is incredibly broad - everyone in KI has a couple of different go-to reset options, so leaving it this wide-open makes it difficult to know what you’re really looking for.

Who do you main? While @SithLordEDP provided a good run-down of basic resets for the cast, you could probably get better or more complete information or footage if you narrowed down what you’re looking for to one or two characters.