Requirements for Boss Shadow Jago

I was thinking of doing a run for Boss Shadow jago but I believe the requirements changed after Season 2 was introduced. Would someone be able to clarify how you unlock the battle?

hard difficulty
ultra 2 opponents
ultra your rival (before fulgore)
try not to loose a match but it will work if you loose to your rival
it also may have to do with points earned so ultra, combo break, counter break, beat the hell out every one of them best you can!

good luck!

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I’m pretty sure it’s all about the points actually, whenever I just felt like doing S1 story without trying to fight shags I’d play on normal get about 120,000-135,000 and end fighting him.

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally complete the requirements whilst getting all these points? Would someone mind trying to do a run to confirm the requirements (I’m not sure if you have to get all the endings still or anything ridiculous like that)

What i said is the exact way to do it. the points are just a “just in case scenario”

You have to ultra your rival and 1 other opponent. You can not loose any much but the rival match.

trust me

I do, don’t worry. I just need to try it out for myself. Before it was Medium and higher, but at least there’s none of this “get all the endings”… :smiley:

yeah when they changed the difficulty and removed Noob and added very hard…it moved from medium to hard.

Last time i tried it a month ago it was Hard difficulty
I believe there is a thread on it somehwere